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North Dakota governor approves 6-week abortion ban

March 26, 2013

BISMARCK (AP) — Go....

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Mar-28-13 11:11 AM

Thanks, billgrr, for the warm & fuzzy.

It's been a while since somebody referred to me as a "girl."


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Mar-27-13 8:02 PM

I've been a little busy with other concerns than keeping up with yours, billgrr.

"Best form of birth control

Just say NO!"

Is this the comment you want me to weigh in on?

I'd have to say I do agree with it, as I've tried it myself. Worked every time too.

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Mar-27-13 2:09 PM

billgrr, just a simple question.

Which poster is supposed to be donnamay?

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Mar-27-13 7:50 AM

rhrealitycheck . org/article/2013/03/01/challenges-in-the-trans-vaginal-ultrasound-debate/

"Both supporters and opponents of abortion rights get another thing wrong: they misunderstand standard abortion practice. The use of trans-vaginal ultrasounds is routine among abortion providers. When I started this work three decades ago, pregnant women often had to wait until they were seven or eight weeks pregnant before providers felt comfortable performing an abortion—they needed to wait that long to confirm a pregnancy and its placement. With advances in ultrasound technology—specifically the ability to conduct trans-vaginal ultrasounds—providers can now verify an intrauterine pregnancy as early as 4 weeks. Women no longer have to wait through weeks of pregnancy symptoms and distress before having a desired abortion. Trans-vaginal ultrasound is a useful tool and shouldn’t be maligned by abortion rights supporters seeking to make a quick exaggerated political point."

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Mar-27-13 7:22 AM

The governor signed three bills, not two as I had originally thought. Google: ND (bill#) legiscan

HB 1305 is the bill "relating to the prohibition on abortions for sex selection or genetic abnormalities."

HB 1456 is the bill "relating to limitations on abortion after a determination of detectable heartbeat in an unborn child and to grounds for disciplinary action for physicians."

Examination method for detecting heartbeat: "utilizing standard medical practice." Not sure that transvagine ultrasound qualifies as "standard" as I'm no OB/GYN.

From Section 2, paragraph 5: "This section does not prohibit the sale, use, prescription, or administration of a measure, drug, or chemical designed for contraceptive purposes."

SB 2305 is the bill "relating to limitations on physicians and abortion facilities."

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Mar-27-13 12:06 AM

If it does get to SCOTUS, perhaps Norma Leah McCorvey will testify in favor of the bills, and to overturning Roe v Wade.

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Mar-26-13 9:33 PM

How do you tell if a fetus has a heartbeat at 6-weeks....OH yeah, transvagina ultrasound...Let me see, Penetrating a woman's "va-jayjay" (assuming MDN won't let me type the word for this) without her consent...It's that also the definition of RAPE???!!! hhmmm???

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Mar-26-13 8:26 PM

At least keep the argument real. The kids already get milk and juice in school. At least ONE democrat legislator had the balls to get up and apologize for using school milk as a ruse to raise money for the democrat party. People have insured their LEGS for a million dollars. Let me take Biden's words, if these bills save ONE life, it will be worth it.

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Mar-26-13 8:26 PM

It is amazing that he signs the bills and then asks the legislature to appropriate money for the legal defense. He knows it is going to a lengthy court fight ( a million won't cover it) You are talking federal court, appeal to the circuit court, then on to the supreme court and that is without any appeals in the middle. Nope, a million won't cover it. But, I seem to remember the same stuff with the health care bill. Well, gee, ND has tons of money and we can certainly be a pawn in the abortion fight. Ah, but, there are repercussions!! No tax cuts, no extra money... Yep, you got it. A case that ND will not win. Money down the drain.

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Mar-26-13 7:32 PM

Well - FYI..the gov just cost the state at least a MILLION dollars, (possibly more), for litigation that the state is going to have to defend these asinine laws...How does that make you feel, your tax dollars now will be spent in court costs, instead of milk programs!! Oh, and by the way, the "outside interest groups" who wrote these laws (yeah, that's right - NONE of our legislatures wrote ANY of these laws) where are they gonna be, when our state has to pay for these court costs?? hhhmmmm???

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Mar-26-13 6:05 PM

icart, I know you must be distressed about the governor's decision, based on your previous posts. I hope you don't hate yourself for asking, OK?

I feel the same about mothers as I do about babies: all human. Babies are defenseless before their mothers.

A miscarriage is a natural event, not so an abortion that is carried out by someone else on the fetus.

I don't recall a list of outlawed birth control methods (such as IUD) included in the signed legislation. In fact, some of the proposed bills that I read included language that would not prohibit the use of birth control. Sorry, but I can't say for certain yet that the two signed bills have that birth control language included. I'll try to look it up.

As far as IVF doctors and a dropped petri dish, does the signed legislation specifically address this scenario? I'll try to check this out as well.

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Mar-26-13 5:48 PM

OK loco - I know I'm gonna HATE myself for asking this, but how do you feel about the mother??? Do we tell her to eff off??? What about the woman who has a miscarriage...she will be charged with MURDER...What about the woman who has an IUD...SHe will be charged with MURDER...What about the doctor in in-vitro fert clinic drops the petri dish...Guess what happens next.. CHARGED WITH MURDER!!!! But "Thank God for Dal-pimple" (Yeah, that last part was SCARCASIM).. If you didn't catch it!!

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Mar-26-13 5:34 PM

Thank God for Gov. Dalrymple's defense of unborn children!

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