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Keystone: Waiting for Obama

March 15, 2013

President Barack Obama doesn’t exactly sound like a guy who’s ready to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline, and that’s a big concern....

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Mar-19-13 11:58 AM

So we are to believe the Dems instead...

3-15-2013 "During her weekly press conference on Capitol Hill, CNSNews . com asked Pelosi if she agreed with President Barack Obama’s recent remarks that America does not have an “immediate” debt crisis. The U.S. debt as of Wednesday stands at $16.7 trillion.

“Well, I believe that we’re on a path to reduce the deficit,” Pelosi said. “And I would say that — count me as one who would say I want us to be on a path to balance the budget in a number of decades.”

“You can’t do it in one decade,” she said. “Not after what we have been through.”

"Pelosi added that there was an “explosion” of debt during the Bush administration."


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Mar-18-13 7:59 AM

Actually, billydon'tgetit, nobody has to call you anything including being a racist. Your rantings and ravings show what you really are. Oh, my, how hatred increases with age as does all your other kinds of negativity. I am sure with the increased volatility and anger, your time on the blog will be limited as it has been before. Take your pill and start thinking of a new handle, billwillnevergetit.

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Mar-17-13 6:08 PM

Billdon'tknow doesn't have a clue. You sick from the weather. Maybe staying inside too much and going batty.. Well, it is obvious that you don't have far to go.

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Mar-17-13 6:06 PM

As has been stated many times about Canada. One only has to look at the Coal Generator at Estevan just across the border spewing its lethal garbage with few scrubbers and no regard for regulations imposed on Coal plants. Also, research Gold mines owned by Canadians in the western states that used harsh chemicals without regard for the land the past fourty years or more. The Canadians mine, destroy, when they leave, they declare bankruptcy and leave the US to clean up the sites. Then, the US cleans up the sites at taxpayers expense. Canada is not a friend as you rightys claim.

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Mar-17-13 5:22 PM

Canada has been so good to us like sending use water and telling us no thanks when we want to send them some. They wouldn't take advantage of our good nature would they.

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Mar-17-13 5:19 PM

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Mar-17-13 7:32 AM

This Oil Boom Will Cost North Dakota With No Lower Gas Prices And Will Ruin Lot's Of Land Oil People Will Be Richer And Move Out Of State

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Mar-16-13 10:37 PM

If they build the pipeline and start pumping Bakken crude down to texas, it will just be put onto a ship along with the tar sands oil and sent to China. Is that what all of the Repukes want?

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Mar-16-13 9:42 PM

Will the price of gas go down as a result of this pipeline? Doubt it.

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Mar-16-13 9:27 PM

Lets just ask one question why doesn't the Canadians go west with the pipeline across their land its closer to China ( that's where the oil is going in the end)And if you think one drop of ND oil gets in the pipeline I got a bakken oil well to sell you. The sludge oil will not mix well with this stuff their calling oil.Bakken oil very clear very clean. Lets just look at this Canada out of the goodness of their hearts want to build a pipeline creat jobs in the US and than they want us to pay us refine it for them. It Don't pass the smell test in more than one way. Thats only way this old country boy knows when someone lying to me.

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Mar-16-13 9:19 PM

I see that we have lots of "bloviating" from the right on this subject but so far not one of you has refuted the statements attributed to the President and reinterated many times on the blog by myself and other bloggers. If you cannot defend your opinions, then say so. Will the US receive any of the finished products of refining the tar sand crude or will it be shipped overseas? What about the jobs? Oh, as to looking up the influence money from big oil? Yep, you will find a few libs getting some pennies here and there, but the big bucks go to the Republicans... like 80-84% of the total bribes from big oil goes to the Republicans.

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Mar-16-13 7:47 PM

Thanks, H4C.

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Mar-16-13 3:25 PM

OK, centerish, NOW you've seen me posting about Buffett specifically.

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Mar-16-13 3:23 PM

"Oil is favored by most republicans."

Stereotypical stance by guess who? A Democrat? Or am I going out on a limb here?

Show me the list of ONLY Republicans benefiting from oil, and I might possibly scare up a list of Democrats also benefiting from oil.

In fact, I remember some info from a different search I did...

George Soros and Warren Buffett both have well-managed investment portfolios, which include investments in oil.

Good for both of them. Capitalism rocks for all.

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Mar-16-13 3:16 PM

So I read the MDN article centerish referred to on the new facility at New Town...

It appears that 2 US companies, Dakota Plains of Wayzata, MN & venture partner Petroleum Transport Solutions of Eden Prairie, MN, have teamed with Canadian Pacific for the Pioneer Project.

"The crude oil will be transported on Canadian Pacific's rail network, continuing a partnership between CP and Dakota Plains Holdings and World Fuel Services."

So who's World Fuel Services? Another US company, headquartered in Miami, FL. From their website...

"World Fuel Services is a global leader in the downstream marketing and financing of aviation, marine, and ground transportation fuel products and related services. Our global team of local professionals delivers innovative fuel solutions and logistics at more than 8,000 locations around the world."

That makes 3 US co's that are in with CP. Capitalism's rockin' the Bakken.

What about projected jobs vs. actual jobs, temp vs. perman

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Mar-16-13 1:46 PM

disgusted Mar-16-13 1:28 PM



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Mar-16-13 1:45 PM

"Whose rail line is it??? Got to be Buffet's, right loco?"

centerish, I don't think you've seen me posting about Buffett specifically. That might have been somebody else.

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Mar-16-13 1:40 PM

"Come January 2017, Obama has to go."

"Really? Ya think? I guess you might be right, given the fact that his term expires at that point."

"Duh It will be a day that can't get here soon enough."


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Mar-16-13 1:35 PM

centerish: "Loco stated that the liberal sites were for the pipeline. "Wow, some are not very happy with the President and his current K XL stance, or lack thereof." Did you not read that. Oh, that's right you already have the right wing party line down pat."

It appears I must clarify my post. The libs on the lib sites DO NOT want the pipeline. They want Pres. Obama to "act like he won the election" and prevent it from being built. They don't like the pipeline and want Pres. Obama to use his bully pulpit to stop the K XL cold.

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Mar-16-13 1:28 PM

from MHW, " listen to a freshman senator from ND,who belongs to the party that said the only thing to focus on is defeating this popular president in....."

I didn't know Heidi was a member of the party against Obama!

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Mar-16-13 11:26 AM

All this controlling energy and peoples lives in succession has to be the biggest monopoly ever seen. Citizens have no say whatsoever in the oil business. We elect and hire people to protect us from fraud and to ensure fair business practice. Where have they gone? Getting rid of all lobbyists in Bismarck is one of the many house cleaning duties we need to initiate in our own State. The Canadian government and citizens do not want the tar sands developed either. The Queen of England seems to be very very quiet on this subject.

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Mar-16-13 9:57 AM

Whaaaaat is this in the MDN News? A bigger rail loading facility in New Town? Well, well, that is certainly needed. Whose rail line is it??? Got to be Buffet's, right loco? Nope, Canadian Pacific!!! I wonder what direction that oil might flow. It will be a long time before the Bakken oil becomes the benchmark. Texas crude will be kept the benchmark for many reasons least of all is the Shale oil play beginning in Texas. Oh, one more thing... You righties need to do more research on the Canadian oil lines going west in Canada. It won't happen. They need to refine their own garbage oil. Just another political decision that has been brought and paid for. I have to chuckle about the latest Bakken report that is floating around. This last report, that was supposed to be independent, said the XL is inevitable and needed. The company that made the report, just happens to work for a bunch of huge oil companies. Who would have thunk?????

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Mar-16-13 9:57 AM


It will be a day that can't get here soon enough.

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Mar-16-13 8:38 AM

The projected tar sand oil production is predicted to be 2.2 million bpd. It's gotta go somewhere, so why not through the new Keystone XL?

One thing is for certain:

Bakken oil is in high demand. Outstrips the supply, the price of Bakken will become the benchmark for all others to follow. Demand rules the game. Makes Bakken oil leader of the pack. Game changer.

Who cares about tar sand oil up in Canada with transport as a major obstacle, hence the Keystone XL? Bakken oil is where its at these days.

Bakken oil will be here for more than four years.

Come January 2017, Obama has to go.

You can wait until then.

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Mar-16-13 8:10 AM

Obama refused to eat a Lobster dish at a GOP luncheon, because his "food taster" wasn't there to check it first. No wonder he can't make any decisions.

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