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Limiting Obama's power

January 19, 2013

No one aware of President Barack Obama’s rhetoric and his background should doubt that if he thought he could get away with it, he would use executive orders to limit or ban private ownership of......

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Jan-19-13 7:31 AM

The Constitution is just a piece of paper. It is not followed to the original intent, so it really is null and void and the US gov, in its present incarnation, is completely unconstitutional.

The Constitution is dead.

Obama need not abide by it, nobody else does.

Go read it and see what it says and then ask yourself if it is followed or not.

You will find out that contents of the Constitution no longer apply.

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Jan-19-13 8:05 AM

I feel those Republicans must come to terms that the Constitution is a living and breathing document, with it meaning changing "for the times". How else can we move forword if we don't give Omama ALL the power he needs in order to move the country forword, and more importantly, to move our Democrat Party forword.

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Jan-19-13 11:10 AM

Relax all you gun nuts. The NRA the most powerful gun lobby in the land controls these politicans not the constitution nor the President of the United States! We will go through the news media and the song and dance and soon it will be swept under the rug and not to be heard from again until another mass murder or two or three or until the people finally wake up realize they are being dooped by the money making gun manufacturers of this country! Everytime a mass shooting and the mention of gun control laws gun sales go up! And gun prices double or triple! Who benefits??? The murder childrens' families? No!! Society? NO! Are we safer? No!!!

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Jan-19-13 11:45 AM

Is there an ad hominem in there?

I'm not a big gun nut. I just say what will happen. There will be a black market. Just tellin' it like it is.

Mexican drug cartels are the real gun nuts and the numbers of victims are the proof in the pudding. No matter what is done to prevent them from obtaining arms, they still can and do.

I doubt if the Mexican drug cartels subscribe to NRA magazine, nor will they register their arms purchases.

Obama's power is meaningless in Mexico.

Gun control is useless and dangerous.

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Jan-19-13 12:39 PM

Pres. Obama has stated again and again that he respects the right of individuals to own and possess guns. I don't know how the assertion in the first paragraph of the opinion piece can be made. It was very good to see the piece agree with some of the executive order initiatives which are, as stated, well with in the executive branch authority. ie. NOT impeachable offences.

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Jan-19-13 1:02 PM

muleskinner all of these mass killings have been caused from weapons purchased legally in the United States by supposedly responsible gun owners! Don't you think there is a problem developing in this country? Putting more weapons out there is not the answer if the legal gun owners cannot control their weapons from getting into the wrong hands!

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Jan-19-13 1:32 PM

*********** Surveys of gun owners suggest that approximately 500,000 guns are stolen each year from private ... Many of the individuals who sell guns to criminals also sell stolen goods. ... Special Report from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, US.

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Jan-19-13 2:06 PM

h4c your facts are wrong on wounded knee! The American government didn't like the natives dances. They out-lawed the sun dance. The natives kept on dancing but started the ghost dance this was viewed as breaking the treaty causing the Battle at Wounded Knee.

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Jan-19-13 2:08 PM


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Jan-19-13 2:13 PM

I have saw several times in small towns through out ND during deer season you could steal a high powered rifle out of gun rack in a pickup truck parked on a small town on main street! That is how irresponsible these gun owners are!

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Jan-19-13 2:42 PM

h4C Wounded knee was not at all about guns it was about breaking a treaty! As lame as it was! Your argument is so weak and pathetic as your party affiliation! And as usual you never did answer the question. Do you believe that gun owners should be responsible at all times for their weapons and ammunition from getting into the wrong hands? If they are found negligent should they be prosecuted as accessories to the crimes that these people commit?

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Jan-19-13 3:28 PM

According to Gallup, 58% of Americans approved of the job Obama was doing. Survey results released today by Gallup, though, show Obama’s approval rating has plummeted to just 49%.

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Jan-19-13 3:33 PM

So the conscenses is, if you own a gun you don't have to take any responsibility for it? That makes as much sense as all of the other lame arguments I've read on here!

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Jan-19-13 3:34 PM

disgusted what does the survey say about Congress??

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Jan-19-13 3:42 PM

There is a problem out there we have millions of weapons out there being purchased everyday moving around and no way of knowing who or what type of individuals have them! Oh darn I moved out of my apartment and left my AR-15 in the closet! Gee, I hope nobody finds it!

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Jan-19-13 3:53 PM

What we should have is like an all states required annual gun registery like automobiles. Listing the serial numbers makes & models & owners to keep track of these weapons each and every year. Annual registration fee per gun per year to be put towards fighting gun violence in this country.

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Jan-19-13 7:06 PM

And the gun-control folks are... always trying to control someone.

Common sense should prevail, but with some postings on here, I wonder.

H4C's point is excellent: the crimes are committed by Criminals, not Law-Abiding Gun-Owning Citizens.

In a perfect world, nobody gets shot, by accident or on purpose. But we already know we don't live in a perfect world.

To depend upon a government (made up of imperfect people, with imperfect moods, motivations, ways or means, likes or dislikes) to Always Do The Right Thing for its citizens is near-sighted. It's a viewpoint not rooted in history or reality.

King George was only human too. The Bill of Rights were enacted to protect our new country from the excesses of the old. They'd just fought a war to be free from them!

The discussion needs to move from 2nd Amendment to the mentally ill in our society. It's a more fitting and timely subject, especially after the tragedy in CT.

Any ideas from the progressives?

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Jan-20-13 11:45 AM

Jaybird, felons have guns, just not legally!

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Jan-20-13 11:51 AM

Jaylebird is flying over the cuckoo's nest.

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Jan-20-13 12:00 PM

Biden on gun control: We must have tougher laws on guns.

Biden on violent movies and video games causing killings: We must fund studies to see if these are contributing to violence.

Now has this guy got it nailed or what? He is top-caliber, maybe even high caliber. I feel, how can anyone be any more forword thinking?

He's my man....

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Jan-20-13 12:36 PM

Jaybird, you are so funny. thin ice? in ND? in the winter?

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Jan-20-13 1:55 PM

The Vatican praised President Barack Obama's proposals for curbing gun violence on Saturday, saying they are a "step in a right direction."

The Vatican's chief spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, in an editorial said that 47 religious leaders have appealed to members of the U.S. Congress "to limit firearms that are making society pay an unacceptable price in terms of massacres and senseless deaths."

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Jan-20-13 1:58 PM

Considering that Americans possess "about 300 million firearms," Lombardi said, "people cannot fool themselves that it is enough to limit the number and use (of guns) to impede in the future horrendous massacres like that of Newtown that shook the conscience of America and world, as well as that of children and adults. "

He was referring to the Newtown, Conn., elementary school where 20 children and six adults were killed by a sole attacker last month.

"But it would be worse to be satisfied with words" of condemnation alone, Lombardi said. And while massacres are "carried out by unbalanced or hate-driven persons, there is no doubt that they are carried out with firearms," the Vatican spokesman said.

Lombardi renewed Vatican appeals for disarmament and encouragement for measures to fight "the production, commerce and contraband of all types of arms," an industry fueled by "enormous economic and power interests."

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Jan-20-13 2:35 PM

h4c is calling the The Vatican's chief spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, and 47 other religious leaders liars! Just because they agree with what President Obama is trying to do!

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Jan-20-13 2:45 PM

He is not calling them liars. But, what hope4change did say about our godless society is true. Of course, nmany of us have come to view the leaders of the Catholic church through synic eyes after the years and years of hidden child abuse.

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