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Indian trust settlement brings high volume of calls

January 8, 2013

The Office of the Special Trust for American Indians offices in North Dakota and across the country have been inundated with phone calls and walk-ins since a court approved the first payments from......

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Jan-09-13 3:26 AM

@Taxman5 - How about I come and take YOUR house from YOU and claim - well - something. Maybe I'll make it up as I go along. Where/How/Why did you get your land/house/car? Did somebody will it to you? Maybe you won it on the Price Is Right? What exactly was it that the gov't took away from you again? Sobriety? Me thinks not... And, yes, I think the bailout was complete B.S. and caused by the same type of greedy clown looking for handouts like we've got here.

@NDIndian - Country (or possibly the world in general) is in the dumper partly because everybody, and I mean practically everybody, wants something for little or nothing rather than just plain working for it. I don't care if you're N.A., 10th generation American descended from immigrants way back when, somebody that just came over from wherever, or just some dude that happened to be born here. When was the last time you heard a person say "No, I don't need that extra money. I'd just put in an extra 5 hours this week.

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Jan-09-13 9:42 AM

We have the lowest unemployment rate in the country, people coming from thousands of miles to work, and the ND reservations have near a 70% unemployment rate Hmmmm......

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Jan-09-13 2:43 PM

As I stated earlier...Please read up on history before you offer your ignorant input...Hope4Change...I sure "hope" that you have no children, as this type of "thinking" creates racism and discrimination...your whole post is laced with racist derogatory comments. Skimask...I pay taxes, I pay everything and probably more than you do! AND I don't complain as that is just the way it your history before you offer elementary ignorant comments. Have a nice day!

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Jan-09-13 7:00 PM

Ignorance in my comments??? That you will have to clear up, as I am confused, I just stated the facts. I did not play the race card...I simply stated that you very disrespectful in your comments and obviously you know little or nothing about Native American history or policy. I would have to say you probably never visited one of the American Indian communities in North Dakota as you only state comments that are of a typical response for someone that is not informed and knowledgable in this area. I apparently touched a nerve as you are the one with narrow views. Please alaborate on the "lame" excuses that the last couple of generations have "came" up with on how bad they were treated. Having there homes and sacred sites flooded with the creation of the Garrison****and initially provided nothing in return. Or having your children, as young as 5 years old taken and placed in boarding schools. Please offer your knowledge. Or are you upset that you didn't get some of t

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Jan-10-13 12:36 AM

I am a fifteen year old Native American girl and I take offense to some of the comments on here. Iam proud that I'm Native American. This has taught me respect,humility,Empathy,&patience. Something I don't think some of you have. You disrespect my elders they lived through the hardest times. My GreatGreat Grandmother is one of the greatest women I know, She is 102 and still remembers her younger years like yesterday. I love listening to her stories. My mothers grandmother had her children taken from her home without any questions she couldn't stop it. They were all placed in boarding schools due to US Indian policy of Assimilation. None of you bashing NDIndian and his comments understand any of what they are trying to explain and refuse to take time to learn from it. I come from the Reservation But my family and I are residents of Mandan. We pay our taxes and don't ask for any handouts as you assume. We are all created equal what ever your color. Continued....

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Jan-10-13 12:47 AM


My Family and I have helped many people through the years and it didn't matter what color you are. I have witnessed my mom and dad giving money to the poor white people sitting on the side of the road or they went to buy them food. And the lady in front of us who didn't have enough money to cover her food in the grocery Isle, guess what my parents bought it and they are Native American... Huh haveyou ever heard such a thing!! I was being sarcastic in case you didn't catch that... So whether your poor, dirty, an alcoholic, We come in all colors and there are Many Many of us in this world so please look at yourself before you lay judgment on others and please leave my ancestors out of this. My Elders are amazing people. PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN INDIAN!

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Jan-10-13 3:04 AM

@NDIndian - ooo...I make more than you do...or whatever satisfies yourself. I can switch into 3rd grade mode too. History??? Schmistory... Give me one GOOD reason why YOU (and not saying YOU in particular but the recipients of the $$$ as whole) REALLY deserve a freebie payout? Because of something that happened X years ago? Really? Where's my $$$ when the railroad took over my grandpa's farm back in ~1890? I want my money now! I lost a lot of good farmland that day! Make amends to make you feel better (again, not you in particular)? fff...I'll go out on a limb, a really short limb, and bet the bulk of the $$$ will end up going into the pockets of Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, Pabst Brewing Co., and so on. BTW - I know a lot of fine Native American folks that I wouldn't think twice about having my kid play with their kids or do supper with or whatever. I also know a lot of real dirt bag Indians that should think about chlorinating their gene pool.

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Jan-10-13 5:22 PM

Henry you obviously have no idea either... I was a lucky one who did move away to go to college, but alot of people don't have the resources to do so. Most of these people on here are so degrading to Indians I don't get how you people think all we do with our money is drink it away or do drugs That is so completely racist!! Any way you look at it that is a racist comment. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. I haven't lived on the reservation for over 12 years but it is the most relaxing place to go back to. Most people on there don't know much of anything else but the reservation that is their home. My reservation in the Turtle Mountains is NOT Full of Drunks, or Druggies as you have insinuated. You say you would have dinner with some Natives well what you don't relize is when you talk about one or make commemts about any Native American your talking about all. If your so called Native friends saw what your writing about them they wouldn't ever share a meal with you.

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Jan-12-13 12:51 AM

I'm not sure where you get your information from Henry I'm sure there is a high unemployment rate on reservations. I don't see it when I go back My family and My husbands family are full of Doctors nurse's Lawyer's, Social Workers, teachers, engineers, alot of law enforcement off and on the reservation. I and my husband do help alot of people/youth. My reservation is one of the most beautiful reservations I have ever seen. We have more than most reservations thats for sure. I have seen plenty to know we are very fortunate to have what we have on our little 6 by 12.... The population here is over 26000 people they fill our reservation and the surrounding towns. We do encourage our youth to go away get an education and come back to make our reservation better. We Have five children of our own who are eager to maybe someday make a difference for our reservation. Whether they choose to live on or off is their choice. I choose to live off and bring resources to the reservation.

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Jan-13-13 12:25 AM

Who's Henry? If that's supposed to be me, then fine. I do talk to my Native American friends (I don't know why I have to qualify that statement by saying Native American friends 'cause if they weren't my friends I wouldn't talk them anyways). At any rate, they don't see it either. They're almost ashamed to be placed in the same boat as the dirt bags that give the Native American nation the reputation it has earned over the years by minority that chooses, yes CHOOSES, to wreck it for the majority.

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