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Oh, those ominous numbers

August 21, 2011 It’s not just the obvious everyday stock market numbers that cause concern. more »»

Flood protection: What’s ahead for Minot?

July 31, 2011 In their planning efforts, the Minot Flood Recovery Committee is, I hope, drawing on the Wisdom of the East. more »»

Living the life of an intern

July 31, 2011 My life as an intern for The Minot Daily News has certainly kept me on my toes and all ears these past few weeks, but I’ve enjoyed every moment of living what could possibly be my profession in a... more »»

MSU proud to help

July 27, 2011 Those visiting Minot State University’s campus this past month have seen hundreds of people working hard on our community’s behalf. more »»

Nothing but flood news

July 17, 2011 To avoid a column that devotes more words to segues between various flood-related topics than to the topics themselves, each separate item will be numbered. Topic 1: Local media coverage. more »»

The river was here first

July 3, 2011 The Mouse River was here first. This is one of those times it’s helpful to state the obvious. In fact, when the previous record flood hit Minot in 1881, there wasn’t much of a Minot to flood. more »»

Who's to blame for flooding?

June 19, 2011 Major disasters such as floods can bring out the best in us: our help-thy-neighbor tendencies. But concern, worry, distress, loss and frustration also inevitably lead to finger pointing and blamin. more »»

The American Delusion

June 5, 2011 The American Dream seems to have morphed into the American Delusion. We have become a nation of the top one percent, by the top one percent, and for the top one percen. more »»

Above average squirrels

May 22, 2011 On national educational tests, North Dakota’s children usually come out above average, like the children in Lake Wobegon, Garrison Keillor’s mythical radio tow. more »»

Hitchin' a ride with Rocky

May 15, 2011 Kids had to be sneaky back in the day to avoid getting caught hitching a ride on Rocky, but climbing aboard the concrete statue the Great Northern Railway’s mascot was worth the scolding they’d get... more »»

The cost of medical care

May 8, 2011 The problem with health care costs isn’t Medicaid and Medicare. It’s medical care. More specifically, it’s the price of that care. Our prices are by far the highest in the world. more »»

Remembering The Scribe

May 1, 2011 Longtime readers of The Minot Daily?News enjoyed the uniquely stylistic writings of Merrill Schalow for more than 30 years. more »»

The unveiling of Teddy

April 24, 2011 Nearly 87 years after he came by Great Northern Railway freight train to Minot, amid all the pomp one would expect to honor the man called simply “TR” by his admirers, the bronze statue of... more »»

Trying to explain myself again

April 24, 2011 Thanks to David Aas for his feedback on my last column. It’s good to know someone reads what you writ. more »»

Minot enjoys growth in 2010

April 13, 2011 To the citizens of Minot: The recent release of the 2010 Census numbers provided a fitting cap to the significant growth that we have seen in our community over the course of the past yea. more »»

Don't know much about history

April 3, 2011 Philosophy professor, poet, novelist and all-round wise person George Santayana must be turning over and over in his grave. more »»

The Grand Hotel blaze of 1960

March 20, 2011 Ask Minoters of my generation which historic events or moments they most remember and the night the Grand Hotel was destroyed in a spectacular fire that claimed 10 businesses in all comes up almost... more »»

Rethink time change

March 20, 2011 What is it with so-called daylight saving time? Of course it doesn’t save daylight; it redistributes it. This sounds socialistic. And it means a later sunrise and more dark in the morning. more »»

Remember the big March blizzard?

March 13, 2011 Ask any North Dakotan if they remember the big March blizzard and they’ll likely reply, “Which one?” We’ve managed to get half-way through March 2011 without a major winter storm like the one –... more »»

Wisconsin's wild ride

March 6, 2011 In the short time since my cheesehead column, Wisconsinites have gone from celebrating the Packers’ championship as one big happy family to neighbor against neighbor, kin against kin, public agains... more »»



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