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Catholics and the president

April 8, 2012 Even more than in 2008, there has been widespread discussion (including in letters to this paper) about whom Catholics should vote for in the presidential election. more »»

Rebuilding after a disaster

April 5, 2012 Minot Mayor Curt Zimbelman testified Tuesday at a Senate Budget Committee hearing held in Minot. This is Zimbelman’s testimony. more »»

The week that was

March 9, 2012 Who’s going to ask all those questions that nobody else asked now that Andy Rooney is gone? He did it on CBS TV’s 60 Minutes and in his nationally syndicated column that appeared right here in thi... more »»

Crime, it seems, does pay

February 26, 2012 To see why privatizing Social Security and Medicare is the same as ending Social Security and Medicare, look at the recent history of private corporate retirement plans. more »»

Property acquisition guidelines

February 17, 2012 On Jan. 18, the Minot City Council approved a set of guidelines for a voluntary property acquisition process for the city. more »»

Disaster traced back to 1999

February 5, 2012 ?Our nation is still struggling to get out of the economic mess that Sen. Byron Dorgan warned about on the Senate floor back on Nov. 4, 1999. more »»

Politics? Let's talk football

January 22, 2012 The football season is coming to an end with the NFL playoffs leading up to the Super Bowl. Would that the political season come to an end. more »»

Relying on global warming

January 8, 2012 To get better flood protection from national and international river management agencies, North Dakota may have to rely on something most of us say doesn’t exist. That would be global war. more »»

Thanks for the help in 2011

January 1, 2012 While 2011 will long be remembered as the year the mighty Mouse River left a permanent mark on thousands of residents and homes in the city of Minot, it will also be remembered as the year where ten... more »»

A true Christian nation?

December 25, 2011 The talk of putting Christ back in Christmas usually mentions or implies that this is a Christian nation. more »»

Take lessons from Brazil?

December 11, 2011 Where can the U.S. more »»

You can make a difference

December 4, 2011 This summer, several communities along the Souris River truly understood the impact of what it means to Live United. more »»

Legislators and their issues

November 27, 2011 Our special legislative session met and accomplished some business, including funding for flood relief and repealing a law that required the University of North Dakota to keep the Sioux nickn. more »»

A senior citizen's lament

November 6, 2011 The Republican presidential candidate debates have resurrected the long discredited trickle-down theor. more »»

Differences of opinion

October 16, 2011 This is in response to two letters in the Oct. 9 Minot Daily News. One referred indirectly and the other referred directly to columns of mine. more »»

Battling class warfare

October 2, 2011 Those who live by sound bites die by sound bites. That may be our epitaph. Our society seems unable to grasp and grapple with the real issues of living. more »»

Mother Nature's wrath

September 5, 2011 ?Maybe Mother Nature’s one-two punch of East Coast earthquake-hurricane has shaken and slapped some sense into the politicians in Washington. Let’s hope s. more »»

Oh, those ominous numbers

August 21, 2011 It’s not just the obvious everyday stock market numbers that cause concern. more »»

Flood protection: What’s ahead for Minot?

July 31, 2011 In their planning efforts, the Minot Flood Recovery Committee is, I hope, drawing on the Wisdom of the East. more »»

Living the life of an intern

July 31, 2011 My life as an intern for The Minot Daily News has certainly kept me on my toes and all ears these past few weeks, but I’ve enjoyed every moment of living what could possibly be my profession in a... more »»



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