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Studying ISIS and ourselves

January 3, 2015 The commander of American Special Operations in the Middle East, Major Gen. Michael K. Nagata, is reported to be seeking help in learning why the Islamic State is so dangerous. more »»

Thomas Sowell’s random thoughts

January 3, 2015 Random thoughts on the passing scene: Now that Barack Obama is ruling by decree, he seems more like a king than a president. Maybe it is time we change the way we address hi. more »»

Not what president has in mind

January 2, 2015 Many Americans object to President Barack Obama’s immigration policy by pointing out it will encourage more people to cross our borders illegally. more »»

Who had the worst year? Jonathan Gruber

January 2, 2015 Jonathan Gruber, sage of MIT and proud champion of the Affordable Care Act, may well have had the worst year in American public life. more »»

Ringing out the year with liberal double standards

January 2, 2015 Many conservatives finished the year angry about the same thing they were angry about at the beginning of the year: liberal double standards. more »»

North Korea? The joke’s on us

January 2, 2015 WASHINGTON — A writer seeking profound pronouncements for a year-end column is likely instead to find herself awash in punchlines. Life isn’t a comedy. It’s a joke. more »»

Supporting our police officers

January 1, 2015 It’s been a rough few months on law enforcement officers around the nation. more »»

Year of the fainting couch

January 1, 2015 The fainting couch doesn’t have the same cachet it did in the 19th century, which is a shame, because it should be more in demand than at any time since the age of corsets and delicate sensibilities. more »»

Jeb Bush’s hurdles

January 1, 2015 WASHINGTON — In 1968, a singularly traumatic year — assassinations, urban riots, 16,899 Americans killed in Vietnam — Vice President Hubert Humphrey, the ebullient Minnesotan, said his... more »»

2014: Obamacare’s incredibly horrible year

January 1, 2015 There’s no candy coating the truth: Obamacare has had a very terrible, horrible, crappy, none-too-happy yea. more »»

Freedom of speech is one thing

December 31, 2014 Peaceful protest seeking political, social and economic change is part of our heritage as a nation. Inciting to violence, sadly, also is part of the record. more »»

Cal Thomas: America interrupted

December 31, 2014 In the film, “Girl Interrupted,” Winona Ryder plays an 18-year-old who enters a mental institution for what is diagnosed as borderline personality disorder. more »»

A year of anniversaries

December 31, 2014 2014 has been a year of anniversaries. more »»

Hollywood plays with fire

December 31, 2014 In July of 1870, King Wilhelm sent Foreign Minister Bismarck an account of his meeting with a French envoy who had demanded that the king renounce any Hohenzollern claim to the Spanish throne. more »»

Pressure on Israel not the way

December 30, 2014 It has been suggested President Barack Obama is focusing his last two years in office on creating a lasting legacy, one that will mark him as one of the nation’s more important chief executives. more »»

Liberals’ use of black people

December 30, 2014 Back in the day, when hunting was the major source of food, hunters often used stalking horses as a means of sneaking up on their quarr. more »»

Dear GOP: Show, don’t tell

December 30, 2014 Hey, Jeb, Ted, Rand, Marco, Bobby, Chris and the dozen or more others I’m forgetting, here’s something to write on your bathroom mirror in 2015 and beyond: The “P” in POTUS stands for “President,”... more »»

Democrats can’t be Dad

December 30, 2014 Democrats have done very well politically by convincing voters that they are, in a very broad sense, on the side of the little guy. more »»

Examining the Secret Service report

December 29, 2014 Unless the Secret Service is shaken up at the very top, the agency charged with protecting the president and other top officials will not correct problems that threaten its mission, an investigatio... more »»

The worst of 2014: ‘Victory for the Haters’

December 29, 2014 Historians will record that 2014 was a terrible year for liberal Democrats, not just at the polls but also in the news. more »»



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