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Too much anti-gun hysteria

November 4, 2013 Action by the Arlington Local School District in Hancock County, Ohio, may make reasonable people wonder where anti-gun hysteria will end. more »»

The week that was

November 3, 2013 A WELCOME SITE – The North Dakota Health?Department is doing the right thing be creating a website that will list all spills of oil and other hazardous materials dating back to 1975. more »»

A small victory for travelers

November 2, 2013 Soon we’ll no longer hear the tired warnings of flight attendants to turn off all electronic devices before our flight takes off. more »»

Good time to add officers

November 1, 2013 We fully support the collaboration effort between the Minot Public Schools and the City of Minot to add two police officers who would serve as resource offices in the school. more »»

Let's all be safe tonight

October 31, 2013 Thousands of children will be out and about after dark tonight, enjoying Halloween. more »»

Obama declines invitation

October 30, 2013 North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer recently invited President Barack Obama to visit the state for the first time. Tuesday, Obama declined, according to Cramer’s office. more »»

Delay the mandate?

October 29, 2013 The new national health insurance law, Obamacare, has become something like a runaway locomotive — doing an enormous amount of damage but with no one willing to ease off on the throttle. more »»

EPA: Doing more harm than good

October 28, 2013 U.S. Supreme Court justices already have ruled that President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to shut down coal-fired power plants. more »»

The week that was

October 27, 2013 NEW CHANCELLOR – Larry Skogen has already been a steadying presence to the North Dakota University System, and he hasn’t even officially taken over yet as interim chancello. more »»

Obamacare web site: Fix it now

October 26, 2013 It’s apparently no one’s fault that the website built to register applicants for the Obama administration’s new health insurance plan has thus far been an enormous failure. more »»

Downtown proposal: Dream big

October 25, 2013 If you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big. more »»

Bullying by winning the game?

October 24, 2013 A high school football coach in?Texas has been accused of bullying. His alleged offense? His team won a game 91-. more »»

A clean bill? We think not

October 23, 2013 After weeks of demanding a “clean” federal spending bill, President Barack Obama and his supporters in Congress last week instead agreed to one loaded with billions of dollars in special interest... more »»

Health care website unacceptable

October 22, 2013 Don’t give up on the Obamacare website, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius urged Americans last week. more »»

Political standoff: Who won?

October 21, 2013 The latest standoff between liberals and conservatives in Washington has ended, and make no mistake about it: The confrontation may have been labeled as one between Democrats and Republicans — but... more »»

The week that was

October 20, 2013 BACK TO WORK – Amid the political grandstanding, finger-pointing and excuse-making following the welcome end of the partial government shutdown, President Barack Obama made a statement that we agre... more »»

Animal cruelty sickening

October 19, 2013 We’re not even sure where to begin with this story: A Shetland pony was chased from its pen near Bottineau, hit by a vehicle and eventually dragged behind a vehicle until it was dead. more »»

Oil spill questions remain

October 18, 2013 There are many questions surrounding the oil spill near Tioga, that dumped approximately 20,600 barrels of oil onto Steve Jensen’s land. more »»

Now, let's get back to work

October 17, 2013 With the government set to reopen after a 16-day partial shutdown, there continues to be discussions of blame and finger-pointing. more »»

We assume the NSA is watching

October 16, 2013 When does it stop? Nearly every week we read another story about the continued infringement of privacy being perpetrated upon the American people by the National Security Agency. more »»



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