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Downtown bid is suspicious

April 10, 2016 Kevin Schmidt Minot Our city fathers, leading this dysfunctional family called Minot, have accepted the lowest bid to do the important work of reconstructing our downtown area this summer. more »»

ND senators should oppose 401(k) loophole closure

April 10, 2016 Mike Tomasko West Fargo Millions of Americans are counting on their 401(k) and retirement accounts for a secure financial future, and we are counting on Senators Heidi Heitkamp and John Hoeven to... more »»

Surviving the storm

April 10, 2016 Maggie Wilken West Fargo For nearly the last year, I have remained mostly silent in the eyes of the media. more »»

Obama not up to the job

April 10, 2016 Ronald Carlson Bismark Intelligence tells us North Korea, run by a despot, has accomplished miniaturization of a nuclear warhead to mount on a Rodong missile. more »»

Drugs taking a toll

April 3, 2016 Lila Fannik Max Dear Mr. Sasser: Welcome to Minot! I have enjoyed your articles, “Our Opinion,” and also “Behind the Scenes” will be informative and good. We will enjoy them in the future. more »»

Mall needs dedicated handicap restroom

April 3, 2016 Marcia Jessen Minot Put yourself in our position for just a few minutes. You’re at Dakota Square Mall – browsing, buying, having lunch or maybe a snac. more »»

Reader appreciated Easter messages

April 3, 2016 Mark Ostrem Rugby We so appreciated the three, large page Easter declarations of the risen Lord Jesus Christ placed by Mayer Electric, Scheels, and Hobby Lobby in Sunday’s Minot Daily News. more »»

Patty Duke died

April 3, 2016 Bob Ziegler Minot No mention of Patty Duke’s death? Wait, wait, don’t tell me... more »»

Keep UND music therapy program

April 3, 2016 Gary Towne Grand Forks I write unofficially – a private citizen – to request support for UND’s Music Therapy program, targeted for elimination. MT treated PTSD between World Wars. more »»

Stop the Obama charade

April 3, 2016 Ronald Carlson Bismarck Pentagon considering recommending an increase of troops on the ground in Iraq? Dept. more »»

Girls Scouts programs lacking

April 3, 2016 Charlotte Hill Minot Why can’t Girl Scouts do what Boy Scouts do? When I first started Girl Scouts I thought it would be fun and I would get to do adventurous things, but all we did was sit in... more »»

Why I am running for Minot Public School Board

April 3, 2016 Mark Lyman Minot Our community has seen a lot of change in the past five years, change that not a lot of people would have ever predicted. more »»

Air Force gives valuable support to men’s refuge

April 3, 2016 Gordon Kroeker Minot I serve on the board of the Men’s Winter Refuge. This is a much needed refuge for many men, during the winter. Our refuge will be closing soon for the seaso. more »»

An explanation, please

March 27, 2016 Ronald Carlson Bismarck Someone explain this to me, please. Paris is attacked as in over 125 people killed by Islamic terrorists. more »»

Plenty of winners in ‘losers’ bracket

March 27, 2016 Kathy Hebert Minot I am a fan of Class B basketball and have been attending the Boys State Class B Tourney for many years. more »»

Cards and politics

March 27, 2016 Bruce Brooks Minot When I was in school I often enjoyed playing bridge. The point counting, bidding, signaling, and figuring out strategy taught me a bit about human behavio. more »»

Cut benefits to career politicians

March 27, 2016 Kevin Nelson Minot The March 19 edition of the Minot Daily printed a letter from the Dubuque Telegraph Herald listing the huge sums that past presidents receive from the federal government. more »»

Supco nomination can wait

March 27, 2016 Jay Elkin Taylor There is a lot of finger pointing going on regarding the recent Supreme Court nomination. All I ask is for North Dakotans to take a step back and really consider what is at stake. more »»

Some is not enough

March 27, 2016 Nancy Bommelman Minot A few weeks ago I read a letter from an employee of Minot. It stated that they do pay for SOME of the insurance for the police department and the fire department. more »»

Support higher taxes on tobacco

March 27, 2016 Eric Johnson Grand Forks As a Grand Forks physician and chairman of the recently announced efforts to initiate a ballot measure to increase North Dakota’s tobacco taxes, it’s important the public b... more »»



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