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China's policy of forced abortion is sheer evil

June 15, 2012 - Andrea Johnson
What kind of monsters would drag a woman who is seven months pregnant to a hospital and inject her with poison to kill her baby?

That would be the Chinese government. The woman, Feng Jianmei, couldn't pay a $6,300 fine for being pregnant with a second child – violating China's one child only policy – so on June 2 those evil government officials dragged her into a vehicle, covered her head and beat her legs, and drove her to a hospital to kill her daughter. A picture of Feng holding her dead baby girl has been posted online and sparked outrage in China.

"Our country is the inventor of inventor of family planning committees ... Must they kill people? Cold-blooded scum!" wrote television director Liu Kang in an online posting, according to an article in USA Today.

Chinese officials in Zhengping County, Shaanxi province, issued a horrifying statement, a perfect illustration of the banality of evil: "According to the law, (we) carried out the termination of the out-of-policy second pregnancy of Feng Jianmei" on June 2.

China's one-child policy is intended to curb explosive population growth. It is also rife with corruption, since so many people routinely pay fines and have second children. The policy results in many forced abortions. There's also a gender imbalance in China since so many couples want a son and abort their unwanted daughters or put them up for adoption.

Feng Jianmei and her husband Deng Jiyuan weren't among those couples: they already have a 5-year-old daughter and they clearly wanted their second daughter, the child who has been murdered by her country when she was already at the point of viability.

My cousin gave birth to her third child last week and has been posting picture after picture on Facebook of her beautiful, healthy son. She is glowing with happiness in those pictures and is surrounded with equally adoring family and friends. I thought immediately of my cousin and her baby when I read the story about Feng. I don't want to understand the kind of people who would do what was done to her. It is without justification. Luckily, the Internet is also making it a lot harder for the Chinese to hide such atrocities. The government was forced to backtrack and acknowledge that the forced abortion was a "serious violation" and has damaged its image. A lawyer who defied the government to help Feng and her husband was quoted in the article as saying "I think governments shouldn't 'plan' family planning: it's the citizen's right. God won't allow humans to do forced abortions, and he's unhappy to see it."

I am also reminded that the United States is more and more entwined with China and may be more inclined to look the other way on such human rights abuses because we owe them so much money. May our financial problems never be an excuse for us to look the other way at the murder of a child.


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