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Spoilers for Castle and Bones

July 1, 2011 - Andrea Johnson
After a week and a half of nonstop flood coverage, I wanted some frivolity to take my mind off the filthy river that has swallowed up so much of the valley.

Since there is little frivolity to speak of on local broadcast television, at least nothing that doesn't involve silly reality game shows and a shallow bachelorette, I hunted down some spoilers for the shows that will return in the fall.

There's plenty of frivolity to go around there.

On FOX's "Bones," the fall premiere will apparently time skip about six months so that the pregnant Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is in her third trimester of pregnancy, still trying to squeeze into small spaces and solve crimes. I'm guessing that will involve a lot of slapstick comedy.

What I'm skeptical about is whether this season premiere will include much in the way of character development. Haven't the writers and producers already done quite a bit of time skipping? Last year's season premiere involved a one year time jump. Booth came back from Iraq with a serious girlfriend. Fast forward a season and the girlfriend was gone, after turning down Booth's marriage proposal, and Booth and Brennan were rekindling their friendship and discussing moving forward with romance. Then, in the last episode, there was yet another time jump and Brennan was seen telling Booth she was pregnant and Booth was the father, even though the audience had never seen them kiss, go on a date or do anything indicating how it all happened. The writers are doing so much jumping ahead that they aren't actually telling the story. Maybe the next episode of this series will time jump to the high school graduation of Booth and Brennan's kid?

Meanwhile, on the far superior but similar in theme "Castle," the season premiere is set to start soon after the events of this spring's season finale, when Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) was shot by a sniper at her captain's funeral. The writers and producers aren't ruling out a time jump later in the episode, but at least the audience will get some hint from the opening moments of how Beckett's life is saved and see some of the fallout from the intense finale.

It's a story that deserves to be laid out for the audience and savored like a banquet. Just how will Beckett deal with the revelation that Captain Montgomery (Ruben Santiago-Hudson), whom she regarded as a mentor and something of a father figure, was involved all along in the cover-up surrounding her mother's murder, the defining moment in Beckett's life and career? How will she deal with the idea that Montgomery saw mentoring Beckett and protecting her from her mother's murderer as a way he could atone, along with doing everything else he could to be the most ethical police officer he could be?

Montgomery, knowing himself a marked man, mailed all his secret files to an unknown party and then allowed himself to be killed by the hitman who had targeted Beckett. Beckett only left her captain alone to face his killer because, in what was probably the saddest, most wrenching scene in a finale filled with ever building intensity, Castle (Nathan Fillion) dragged her away kicking, screaming and sobbing, on the captain's orders.

The spoilers for the fourth season premiere promise there will be a new female police captain in the precinct, one who doesn't look quite so kindly on Castle, the mystery writer shadowing Beckett, or his involvement with the police. That probably isn't going to go over well with the still raw team who have just lost their well-respected captain and have made a private pact to conceal the truth about his past sins.

Spoilers also indicate that Castle, who told the injured Beckett he loved her in the final 10 seconds of the third season finale, will get into a fist fight with Beckett's surgeon boyfriend, Josh, at some point in the episode.

Will Castle be in the doghouse with both Beckett and the new police captain by the end of the premiere?

While I will watch both shows, it already sounds like there's a lot more to look forward to and a far better story coming from "Castle" this fall than there is from "Bones."


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