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Characters to die in season finales tonight of "Castle" and "Hawaii Five-O"

May 16, 2011 - Andrea Johnson
Our intrepid features editor Terry asked me to watch the season finale of "Blue Bloods" on CBS last Friday and render an opinion, but I fear that even Tom Selleck couldn't hold my attention long enough for me to see what was going on.

I caught the broad outlines: the youngest cop son rescued a damsel in distress; Selleck's character Frank Reagan faced down a group of crooked cops and demanded "Which one of you killed my boy?" and the show ended with the whole family at Sunday dinner and one of the grandsons cracking jokes about saying grace. So, apparently, no one else died; they figured out who killed the Reagan son who died in the line of duty before the series started, and rookie cop son Jamie will have a new girlfriend next season. That's probably all I need to know to follow this show, which I see is being renewed for another season.

"Blue Bloods" just isn't that deep or that surprising or the kind of show you absolutely have to watch every single week to know what's happening. It is comfort food – solid, predictable, traditional, rooted in family, patriotism and religion. There's not a single thing wrong with any of that and I'm glad it's still going to be on the air. At some point maybe I'll stay awake long enough to watch the parts of the finale that I missed.

"House," which airs at 7 p.m. tonight on FOX, is also heading towards its season finale, which promos suggest will be mind-blowing, but the show lost my attention earlier this season when House celebrated his break-up with his girlfriend Cuddy by going back on Vicodin and taking up with a series of hookers. The writers said in news articles that House won't ever change. I'm just not interested in watching a never-ending train wreck.

As for the other season finales, the show runners must be doing their job, because some of the recent plot twists are drawing my eyes back to shows my attention had wandered from.

One popular gimmick is threatening to kill off a major character. Apparently this is going to happen on two season finales this evening: CBS's "Hawaii Five-O" and ABC's "Castle," which both air at 9 p.m. tonight. Take your pick of the blood and mayhem.

For me, it's a toss up, since I've watched and moderately like both shows. The deciding factor might be the fact that I can watch the "Castle" finale online at any time I want but none of CBS's shows are available to watch online. This is a tricky and smart way for CBS to boost its ratings, since people actually have to sit in front of their TV sets and watch the show in real time.

But do I care enough about "Hawaii Five-O" to watch it at all? I've watched maybe three or four "Hawaii Five-O" episodes all the way through this season, though I've caught bits and pieces of other episodes. I probably won't recognize the character who bites the dust. I'm sure it won't be the lead Steve, played by Alec O'Loughlin, or his partner Danno (Scott Caan). Caan is a funny guy and his banter with the somewhat stiff O'Loughlin is probably the most enjoyable part of the show. He seems to be the breakout star, despite O'Loughlin's pretty face. I think Danno is safe.

The finale of "Castle" looks more interesting and I'm more invested in its characters. Judging by the promos, the finale is about Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) and her quest to find her mother's murderer and a warning from Castle (Nathan Fillion) that she will die if she takes it too far. Obviously they're not going to kill off either of their main characters, so that tease isn't going to work. I don't really care who dies as long as the marked character isn't Castle's mother or daughter.

Somewhat more interestingly, "Castle," like FOX's "Bones" is a will they or won't they? show that revolves around the chemistry of the male and female leads. Promos also tease the possibility that Castle and Beckett will finally get together in this third season finale. "Bones" also used the death of a character in the lead-up to its season finale to push its main characters towards one another. Apparently TV execs think a dead supporting character is as good a catalyst as any for romance.

I have my doubts "Castle" will put its leads together yet, but I hope they don't drag it out as long as "Bones" has.


And the victims are ... someone named Laura on "Hawaii Five-O" and the retiring police captain on "Castle." Oh, and maybe Kate, who was shot in the chest while delivering the eulogy at the captain's funeral and closed her eyes as Castle professed his love for her. I assume Kate will make a miraculous recovery in time for the 2011 season opener and more romantic complications will ensue. I didn't actually watch enough of "Castle" to catch all the plot twists, but I'm sure will catch me up when I have time.

Meanwhile, over on "Hawaii Five-O", the governor was a killer; Steve was arrested for murder after the villain Wo Fat killed the governor and framed Steve for the crime, the Five-O was shut down and Steve's partner Danno has to choose whether to stay in Hawaii and help clean up the mess or join his pregnant ex-wife and their daughter in New Jersey. Now if I were giving advice to Danno, I'd tell him to get the heck out of Dodge and go be a husband to Rachel and father to his daughter and the coming child. Family should come before work and a partner stupid enough to get himself in a jam like that. But if Danno did that, I suppose there wouldn't be much of a show next season.


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