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Can we all agree that Obama was born in Hawaii?

April 28, 2011 - Andrea Johnson
There are two groups of people that really, really wanted President Obama to release his birth certificate.

Those would be members of the so-called "Birther" movement and professional astrologers.

People who doubt that Obama was born in the United States still seem a little doubtful even after he called a press conference on Wednesday to announce the release of his "long form" birth certificate. The Associated Press even tracked down the son of the doctor who delivered him. But the affair of the birth certificate seems to be this generation's Grassy Knoll conspiracy. There will always be someone who will insist that birth certificates can be faked and doctors and doctors' families can be paid off, either because they don't like Obama and/or his politics or because something in the American psyche needs a good political conspiracy to rally around.

The astrologers are drooling over the birth certificate because they can use his birth data and the exact time and place his birth data was released to come up with all sorts of theories about what planet conjuncts with what planet and which sign in which astrological house means what. There are political astrology blogs all over the place deciphering the data, some of them coming up with different explanations for the same event. Astrology, they might explain, is more an art than a science.

Right now the astrology of Obama is more popular even than the astrology of the royal wedding, also a keen topic of discussion.

Obama and I share a birth month. He's older than I am, but he was born on August 4 and my birthday is August 5, making him a Leo just like I am. I have a certain mild curiosity about the astrology of Obama, even if I remain pretty skeptical about astrology.

I enjoy a good conspiracy as much as the next person, as my decades long fascination with the Romanov murders and the mystery of Anna Anderson attest, but alas, the simplest explanation is usually the truthful one.

But I've never doubted that President Obama was born in Hawaii, on the date and at the time he said he was. I saw the birth announcement in a Hawaii newspaper that was released during the last election. There was no reason for a conspiracy back in 1961, when no one had any reason to believe Barack Hussein Obama II would be President of the United States.

Of psychics and astrologers, Wills and Kate

Speaking of astrology and the royal wedding, Kate and William are either a match made in heaven or will be going through a miserable next three years, according to the astrologers over at astrology site Astrodienst. They've pounced upon a new birth time for poor Kate that doesn't bode well for her future happiness with William. The timing of the wedding is also considered ominous. It has something to do with a "void of moon" which some of them think could mean the royal lovebirds will have a difficult time producing a royal heir. The late Princess Diana's personal astrologer doesn't think it's a good time to get married, at all all. One of the cattier astrologers in the bunch said Kate's "masculinized features" mean she probably can't have kids. Someone else said it doesn't mean that at all and the forecast for the royal marriage is a happy one. Some of the above contradicts what the psychic said on "Entertainment Tonight" this week. She claimed Wills and Kate are going to have at least four kids, two of them girls and will name one of them Diana.

At Astrodienst, they discussed more mundane matters when someone posted pictures of wedding dresses. The women astrologers oohed and ahed over a dress that looked like "Venus rising from the foam." The male astrologers couldn't understand what wedding dresses had to do with the stars.

Maybe in a world where no one can agree on what the stars actually signify, everyone can agree on whether a wedding dress looks beautiful or not. And I have probably paid far too much attention this week to the trashier side of the royal wedding.


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