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Is criticism of Obama and Holder due to racial animus?

July 15, 2014 - Andrea Johnson
So U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder thinks people are criticizing President Barack Obama, at least in part, due to racism.

To be precise, Holder told ABC News, "There's a certain level of vehemence, it seems to me, that's directed at me, directed at the president. You know, people talking about taking their country back ... There's a certain racial component to this for some people. I don't think this is the thing that is the main driver, but for some there's a racial animus."

Holder added that he thinks the nation is afraid to confront racial issues. Both Obama and Holder are black, of course, while a number of their critics are white.

I think some of the comments directed at both Holder and Obama probably do have a racial element, especially if you look at the raw, unfiltered commentary that can be found in the comment sections of blogs or news articles or on Facebook or in emails. None of it is appropriate; both Holder and Obama deserve to be judged on their job performance rather than on their race.

On the other hand, many people could probably come up with a long list of political disagreements, over the Affordable Health Care Act, over NSA spying on ordinary citizens or over wiretaps on reporters' phones, that they would also have had with a white or Asian or Hispanic Democratic president. If anything, I think some critics have held back a little bit in their criticism to avoid being called racist. If the current President were of a different race there would probably still be name calling, just of a different type.

What do you make of Holder's comments?


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Jul-19-14 2:49 PM

...and chewing their cud.


Jul-18-14 9:11 AM

I'm sure they're just chomping at the bit.


Jul-17-14 3:40 PM

But doya think that all the people on this site that cite everyone's a racist for opposing Obama will be the first to critize Dr.Carlson?


Jul-17-14 9:06 AM

Maybe, but we shouldn't be quick to cite it and instead let Carlson live or die on the issues. Same for his opponents.


Jul-16-14 4:27 PM

Another angle...If Dr. Ben Carson decides to run, and whether it's the presidential primary, or the general election, would there be 'some' racism from my Democrat Party for opposing any of his views?


Jul-16-14 3:16 PM

"What do you make of Holder's comments?"

I think he's full of it and is trying to introduce a red herring into the conversation so he and President Obama can avoid having to take ownership of their political misdeeds.

How about this angle? Maybe he thinks this criticism is unfair and that we should go easier on him because of his racial background. You know what? It's just as (in)valid an analysis as what Holder offered.


Jul-16-14 9:26 AM

No way can it be racist if 95% of blacks voted for Obama, no dog-gone way...but I feel it would be absolute racist if 95% of whites had voted for a white person running against a black for president....


Jul-16-14 9:24 AM

If we get a buncha negative comments about the Thomas Sowell editorial being run in the editorials, will that be because some of that is because of racism on the part of my Democrat Party people?


Jul-16-14 7:55 AM

If it were about racism for the majority of people in this country Obama would not have ever been POTUS in the first place. Smoke, mirrors and illusions is all we get from the government run media.


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