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How should the U.S. react to Russia's involvement with Ukraine?

March 1, 2014 - Andrea Johnson
I can't figure out what the heck is going on in Ukraine but I do know that I don't think it would be a good idea for the U.S. to stage a military intervention.

There are only so many places in the world where the United States can play policeman. After going on 13 years at war in the Middle East and military men and women who have done two or three or more tours of duty in the hot desert sun, their enthusiasm for another fight is probably lukewarm at best.

Sen. John McCain, a former Republican presidential candidate, said "We are all Ukrainians" in response to news that Russia has invaded the Crimea, a largely pro-Russian part of the Ukraine. For all that I sympathize with people who want their freedom, I'm not sure whether this is the case in Ukraine, nor am I sure about the nature of the people who have ousted the president there. To McCain's statement, I have to shake my head and say, "No, Senator, we are all Americans and our interests are not necessarily those of the Ukrainians."

Time reports that McCain is calling for "swift U.S. economic aid to Ukraine, condemnation of Russia at the United Nations, sanctions against Russian officials and the installation of U.S. missiles in the nearby Czech Republic" and doesn't foresee armed conflict, though I imagine that's a response he'd keep in reserve. McCain's preferred response would seem to be a great way to lead us back into the Cold War with Russia, which might be inevitable but is something we should still try to avoid if at all possible.

Based on my admittedly modest knowledge of current affairs and of Russian history, I think McCain's analysis of the situation is probably quite accurate and Russian leader Vladimir Putin is indeed seizing this opportunity to expand Russian's empire. Ukraine was once part of the former Soviet Union and I imagine Russians continue to have a great deal of wounded pride over the diminishment of their role on the world stage and their loss of Ukraine and the other Soviet Republics.

Putin, who is ex-KGB, is so popular with Russians in large part because the Russian people have historically liked and respected very strong leaders and because they want more prestige. Putin divorced his long time wife and has a glamorous, younger girlfriend. Pictures of his outdoor activities and his rugged lifestyle appear in magazines. He even has a certain fanbase among some conservatives in the United States. Putin has also made a show of standing up to the U.S. in the last year. He defied the U.S. by refusing to hand over leaker Edward Snowden; he banned U.S. parents from adopting Russian children and pushed through legislation that makes it a crime for gays in Russia to promote homosexuality to minors. He also headed up a largely successful Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

So how do you deal with a problem like Vladimir Putin? How do you think the United States should respond to Russia's military involvement in Ukraine?


Article Comments

Mar-07-14 9:37 PM

An area expert was on John stewart tonight. She said putin is the big loser now because he has lost the trust and respect of the entire world. Merkel (Germany) says putin sounds deranged. Obama & company got bin laden. i wouldn't bet on putin. i am glad to see we don't have a trigger happy or B2 like president right now. Six years of relentless republican attacks have failed.Putin will also fail. He is no match 4 the American team.

Mar-07-14 9:32 AM

One option is to treat him like the honest and sincere man Bush 2 said he is. Then say he acts like a war monger because of Obama. How's that 4 starters?


Mar-06-14 7:34 PM

We should react the same as we did when putin invaded georgia.Remember that one slime.Goinpeace


Mar-05-14 10:20 AM

What to do with the USSR? I feel Omama should tell Putin to wait til after the midterms....that he will have more flexibility to do things then....


Mar-04-14 5:34 PM

I agree wholeheartedly with you Chad and red neck. Who do you suppose would win at chess, Ol Putin or Ol bama?

What do you do when you have to intervene to asssit, what can you do? Jabowntski sacrifice?


Mar-04-14 3:55 PM

he doesnt wait for the un or any other country to tell him what to do and he takes responsability for his actions. he doesnt hide behind laws or excuses


Mar-04-14 3:44 PM

if a person looks back it all started when clinton was in office,


Mar-04-14 3:41 PM

i give him credit he has his hands full trying to build a country with no help from us and he is doing it a littel bit at a time, that is a big job, i doent see him backing down from anything


Mar-04-14 3:36 PM

Thanks to george w we cant say or do much .Goinpeace


Mar-04-14 3:33 PM

i give putin credit he went in and stoped the killing that was going on and never fired a shot, and there are people in their that want some protection kinda like bingazie


Mar-04-14 3:02 PM

oh yea Obama is going to "dialogue" old Putin to death. That's the best humor I've had all week. Obama is a spineless twit. He shoulda stuck to community organizing. I think that's the same thing as selling tupperware.


Mar-04-14 2:56 PM

EarlyBird, your probably going to get to find out if they'll show up for our huge civil war. It appears it's not that far away anymore.


Mar-04-14 10:17 AM

Sad, but true, Matt.


Mar-04-14 9:11 AM

The US masses are not with Obama. In fact, Obama has officially been an unpopular president for quite some time now.

The only thing we know for sure is that Putin's profile is rising and the world is seeing what competence looks like. And through this and other recent episodes, the world is also seeing what incompetence looks like.


Mar-03-14 7:45 PM

Maybe we can provide these folks with some free oil.Putin would be so angry****e on girls,Lets do it.Goinpeace


Mar-03-14 7:03 PM

Rugby...I really DO feel for those that signed up for a long, peasful military career, to get that pension.....and now the thought of war shatters their peas of mind.....I feel for them...

Always Faithful


Mar-03-14 3:58 PM

"Were i a misbehaving country; i would fear Obama much more than B2 because oil does not own Obama and the US masses are with him."

Yep, I'm sure Putin is trembling in his boots. What has President Obama done? Yes, he's said things, but what has he done?

Mar-03-14 2:41 PM

The right is using this as an opportunity to say this is the result of the weakness of Obama and his foreign policy. To them i say--who did u blame when russ. went into georgia while B2 was Pres.? Were i a misbehaving country; i would fear Obama much more than B2 because oil does not own Obama and the US masses are with him.


Mar-03-14 1:07 PM

“Republicans like Sen. Graham can almost taste the blood that a new military conflict would spill. They are aroused by the idea that their Cold War fantasies of war with Russia could finally be realized.”

Mar-03-14 12:26 PM

Terrorists, war mongers and greed cause the big world problems. Putin has shown his true hand to anyone who did not believe it b4. His muscles must have got tingly from all that physical olympic stuff and not he is flexing those. Time to remove the head from the snake. 60 years of war mongering by the comrades is way too long. I do not favor boots on the ground but i would tell putin "move the threat or lose it". Then work on taking him out--the same as he does to his personal enemies. Any chance snowden gave him something that made him so cocky? Time 2 drop the hammer on the hammer and sickle war mongers.


Mar-03-14 10:25 AM

We can have Hope or gloom, despair and agony.


Mar-03-14 10:08 AM

Wars don't jump out of holes in the ground they are dreamed up in the minds of people. People who are drawn upon for to much and to long. People who tire of seeing and being helpless victims of moral exclusion and injustice. People who have nothing left to lose but hope and the blood that flows through their bodies. We will see War forever.


Mar-03-14 10:01 AM

There's no such thing as "a war to end all wars". Victorian naivete coined that phrase which was shattered to pieces within a generation.


Mar-03-14 9:44 AM

And of course after WWII all the countries and peoples that were saved by the USA and Russia's war effort were very thankful. They had and have to this day various ways of showing gratitude to the USA and Russia. In various ways the USA and Russia show possession of the many different countries and resources because of the tolerance granted to us through their gratitude. It's a new World over there and I'm not sure where the lines are drawn to welcome us into that World.

I think the younger generations are so tired of all the fighting everywhere and seeing their children grow up under constant threat they are gradually rising to a fight of fights, a World Civil War that will end all wars.


Mar-03-14 9:31 AM

I wasn't there but I know the USA and what we call Russia made some sort of agreement when they were fighting WWII against the Germans. I don't think we actually sided with each other but we did fight against a mutual enemy.


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