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Time quiz predicts how you will vote in the next election

January 13, 2014 - Andrea Johnson
If you wouldn't darken the door of a restaurant serving fusion cuisine and would rather visit Times Square than the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you might just be a conservative.

That's the judgement of a quiz at Time that claims to be able to determine your political orientation based on different preferences. The quiz, which can be found at is based on the theories of a social psychologist called Jon Haidt. The questions are based on the difference in preferences identified by self-identified liberals and conservatives.

Haidt's theories measure how liberals and conservatives make moral judgements and also rate people on the so-called big five personality traits, such as extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness to new experience, and neuroticism. Liberals and conservatives have different preferences and make different moral judgements based on both.

So how good is this quiz at predicting your political leanings?


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Jan-16-14 4:23 PM

I like that... blue dog I am I am!


Jan-16-14 9:55 AM

A blue dog Democrat, as my Grandpa used to say. The funny thing about our state is the Democrats would probably be closer to moderate Republicans in many other states and the Republicans would perhaps be, if not Democrats, at least not as conservative as in some places.


Jan-16-14 9:05 AM

Well I would probably call myself a conservative democrat if they still existed.


Jan-16-14 8:59 AM

I'd actually call myself more of a moderate or centrist. There are some areas (Seattle, Berkeley, New York City, Boston, etc.) where I'd be called a reactionary conservative. I don't believe everything that the traditional liberal usually believes or I believe them for different reasons than the norm. I suppose I qualify as liberal by North Dakota standards, but North Dakota is a very conservative state.


Jan-16-14 8:06 AM

Well Andrea I would guess you are a liberal because it seems nothing in the quiz was satisfactory to you. lol carry on!


Jan-15-14 6:27 PM

No, it actually predicted my political leanings fairly well.


Jan-15-14 7:06 AM

So Andrea you must be in disagreement with your results? As in life few things are a perfect match we just have to have the smarts to make it work anyway.


Jan-14-14 12:56 PM

Some of the questions are odder than others, but I think the cultural preferences are supposed to coincide with the preferences of liberals or conservatives.

I use the Safari browser mainly because the tech guy said it's less prone to viruses, not because I'm liberal or conservative, but I would guess the idea is that liberals are more likely to try new things and conservatives stick with tried and true things. Proud of the history of my country? Well, yes, about some things, but not particularly proud of slavery, the McCarthy Era, treatment of American Indians or the number of people who are warehoused in prisons. I'm not one to stand on a street corner waving a flag while listening to a Lee Greenwood song and ignoring all the warts on our history. That question could stand a bit more nuance.


Jan-14-14 11:51 AM

You're 85% conservative, 15% liberal

Well, OK, but I felt that many of the questions were fraught with far too much potential for nuance to put TOO much faith in it. On the other hand, it guessed me pretty well.


Jan-14-14 7:46 AM

You're 78% conservative, 22% liberal.

That is my results. Sounds about right even.


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