State Fair gets big bucks from city and county

Darel Harrington


The City of Minot’s Proposed Budget (Page 117) lists a payment of $242,257 to the ND State Fair for “All Seasons Arena Maintenance.” The Ward County Budget lists a $500,000 payment to the ND State Fair (listed under “other expenses” according to Debra at the Commissioners Office).

I’m sure each of these budget items are included “because we’ve always done it”.

The City and County have poured big bucks into the State Fair to build the “All Seasons Arena,” so named to include agriculture and more. It is interesting to note that the All Seasons Arena no longer exists – it is the State Fair Center. After all this support, we are rewarded by them throwing the Historical Society off the State Fairgrounds to make room for a Convention Center.

So us taxpayers are going to build this convention center across the street from a convention center, which is paying taxes. I suppose the State Fair will also solicit additional donations from the city, county, public, and all, to pay for this boondoggle.

I should also point out that the county budget includes $69,300 to the Historical Society, which I would support, but it obviously won’t cover their move.

I urge the city and county to change whatever agreements that require county and city payments to the State Fair, and to take a close look at other “we’ve always done it” line items.