Russians already here

Sen. Dick Dever


In a recent column, Lloyd Omdahl said the Russians are here, that they are bringing organizations to our state, recruiting North Dakotans, and using social media in support of Kevin Cramer.

Without any evidence to back his claims up, it appeared to be pure speculation.

A few days later, Forum reporter Patrick Springer wrote a news article saying the same thing and using Lloyd’s opinion column as his factual basis.

When Democrat Senator Bill Nelson said the same thing about his race in Florida, it became apparent this is a national Democrat strategy.

Then it dawned on me; there is some truth to the story. The Russians are here! Formerly from Germany, they began the invasion of Dakota Territory about 140 years ago.

Social media didn’t exist then, but they wove themselves into the social fabric of our society, even to help define who we are as a country. They learned the language and cleverly disguised themselves as true Americans. They brought in the Farm Bureau and the Farmer’s Union, the PTO’s and the PTA’s and recruited others.

I am happy to be married to one of their great-granddaughters for the last 40 years. She does influence me. Together we are happy to join other invaders in support of Kevin Cramer.

The mistake Mr. Omdahl made was in not including the Norwegians. Lefse and lutefisk and krumkake are as much a part of our conservative culture as fleischkuechle and kuchen and knoephla.

The Norwegians and the Germans from Russia came together along with others to define the values of this great State. They can come together in this election to preserve them.

If they believe Kevin Cramer is the best person to lead that effort, they should elect him. The election shouldn’t be influenced by an untrue hoax.