One soldier’s view

Brandon Delvo


Ever since I was a little kid I knew that I wanted to be a soldier. I remember spending summers on the farm and seeing my grandpa’s old Ike-Jacket in the closet and asking him questions about his time during the war. He would also take me to the local nursing home in Williston and visit with other veteran buddies of his.

My time to serve came in 2002. I enlisted in the Army Reserve and volunteered for my first deployment in 2004. My mission was hauling ammo across northern Iraq and blowing up weapons caches. I volunteered for my second deployment to Iraq in 2009, as an infantrymen. I did hundreds of missions across Iraq. I was discharged in 2013 after 11 honorable years of service and returned to the farm in NW ND.

Those deployments came with a price. I noticed after I got home I was angry, had nightmares and didn’t like driving or large groups of people. Being as I lived in Williston, traveling long distances to Fargo took its toll and local healthcare thorough the VA wasn’t easy. I got involved with different veteran organizations and have seen first-hand all the good work Senator Heitkamp has done to help veterans across North Dakota to have better access to healthcare in their local community. I am glad that Heidi has ‘my six’ when our veterans need it.