Ashamed of State Fair

James Cron


In regards to your piece, “Pioneer Village dispute was never going to end well”, I have to agree. As a North Dakota citizen, as well as a native, but not of Ward County, I am ashamed of the actions of the NDSF.

The Historical Village, while a guest, seemed always to a nice addition to the State Fair, acting as a reminder of our past, and also as an alternative to commercial exhibits, fried food, and expensive grandstand tickets. To lose this valuable piece of history, to a parking lot, seems cliche and a cynical action from the NDSF. And perhaps you found the solution. While the Ward County Historical Association (WCHA) doesn’t have the money to move the buildings and exhibits, perhaps the saw can cut both ways? As a taxpayer of ND, why can’t we make things uncomfortable for the NDSF both locally and at the state legislature in regards to any funding?

If times are tight, how can the NDSF have the audacity to pitch a convention center? Maybe the local legislators can help forge a solution, using funding as the carrot or the stick?

Maybe the best alternative is both sides to revisit our North Dakota values, and be good neighbors, not good litigants.