We are becoming more cruel

Each day brings a new horror. Children in cages, separated from their mothers. Nuclear threats for no reason other than distraction. Befriending murderous dictators while tearing down friends who have fought for freedom and democracy by our side in two World Wars and many other conflicts.

Playmates, porn stars, bullying, name-calling, racism, bigotry. And with each day we become more cruel. Each day we drift further and further from the teachings of Christ. Each day we care less for the poor and give more to the rich.

I don’t think the people of North Dakota are truly like this. Between tax cuts now and deficits tomorrow, the North Dakotans I know care more for their children than they do for themselves. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid give our elderly parents dignity – slashing these programs and kicking our elderly out of nursing homes has never been the North Dakota way.

This election will tell. A vote for politicians who pledge complete loyalty to Donald Trump is a vote for a more cruel nation. We are better than that.