Schumer cohorts deceiving ND voters

Roscoe Streyle, Minot

The Senate Majority PAC recently released a TV advertisement against Kevin Cramer. Within the ad, Kevin is allegedly supported cutting Social Security and Medicare in order to pay for the new Republican tax plan. A fact check by Valley News Live, however, revealed this statement is completely inaccurate, and Kevin has never shown any support for cutting these programs.

This PAC, which is associated with Minority Senate Leader Chuck Schumer, intentionally attempted to deceive North Dakotans by providing invalid claims against Kevin. I am completely disgusted in thinking that Heidi’s supporters are content with lying to gain votes. This shows just what kind of supporters Heidi attracts and I would be mortified to have her represent me in Washington, D.C. It is a shame when supposed “leaders” of the country have to rely on lies and deceit in attempt to win an election.

This shocking allegation is just another reason that we need Kevin Cramer in the Senate. These corrupt, dishonest, and unethical politicians need to be voted out. Let Kevin Cramer represent true North Dakotan values in Congress.