Men have standing in abortion debate

Joe Ferrara


I’m pleasantly surprised that someone actually read my letter (the one that appeared in the June 24 Minot Daily News editorial section). Jim Lien read it; thank you Jim! Unfortunately, I failed to convince.

I’m sorry that Mr. Lien wasn’t persuaded, but I think he missed the point. Rather than addressing my argument, he implied that, because I am a man, I lack standing to write about abortion. That’s a logical fallacy; a form of Ad hominem called the Courtier’s Reply. If Mr. Lien really wanted to object to my letter, he should have objected to my assertions, not my sex.

I asserted that the fetuses killed by our Senator’s abortionist-donors are unique human beings. If Mr. Lien disagrees, he should tell us how and why he disagrees. Does he think that they are not human? Does he believe that the abortionists kill only “untermensch”?

I asserted that abortion victims, with well-developed nervous systems, felt pain as they were dismembered and crushed. Does Mr. Lien believe abortionists don’t do these things? Does he think that those killed in the late-term abortions Senator Heitkamp cheerfully defends, don’t have functional nervous systems?

Mr. Lien did seem to agree with me when I asserted that many young women and teens are coerced into having abortions by their “boyfriends,” but I’m afraid he missed my point. Like Jim, I’m mortified and enraged by what these “guys” do. My point was that, I think that Senator Heitkamp has voted to make it easy for these creeps to hurt women and kill inconvenient children.

Finally, Mr Lien made the point that laws alone are not likely to end abortion. I agree, but there was another logical fallacy tucked into that part of Jim’s letter. It’s called the Nirvana Fallacy. The Nirvana Fallacy holds that any solution to a problem that is not perfect should be rejected. I agree that changing the law is an imperfect solution. But, unlike Senator Heitkamp and Mr Lien, I believe that legal limits on late-term abortion, though imperfect, might have been part of an effective solution.