Look at what the city spends

Nancy Bommelman


Can anybody tell me why we don’t take care of our police officers or firemen? They are going other places to work because our benefits SUCK! They arrest people every single day they put their lives on the line for us every single day. I hear from people that say “the cops aren’t doing their job”, are you kidding me? Of course they are doing their jobs, it’s the judges that are letting them off.

The firemen go in burning buildings and drag people out, give a NARCAN pen to a drug overdosed person and bring them back to life. So do the police officer’s. So why are we not taking care of them? I’ll tell you why, because the city has to spend money on stupid things, like a building that we move across the street for almost a million dollars. Now it’s up for sale, and by the way we won’t even get 1/2 what we paid for it in the first place.

They have to pay for all the electrical inspectors and plumbing inspectors we don’t need. I understand we needed them when the city was busy building, but we ARE NOT BUSY anymore, so why keep them on?

Why don’t we go after the money that is owed to the city for fines? Look into that and see how much is owed. If people have traffic fines, they “promise” the judge that they will pay for the fines over time and never do. You would be amazed in how much is owed.

Than we have a contractor who took off with 85000.00 of the city’s money, when they built that worthless parking ramp. Wish they would write me a check for 85000.00 and I would never have to pay it back.

Go to the city of Minot website and look at the spending, you will go through the roof.

Now the city wants to build a gathering place worth millions, I got news for the people of Minot, we already have gathering places, they are called BARS!!

Let that sink in!