Too much dividing Americans

Jeff McCauley


I’d like to express a few thoughts and discuss figures on the U.S. population and immigration. Since President Ronald Reagan’s Immigration and Reform Control Act of 1986, our nation has given a path to citizenship for approximately 9,000,000 illegal (undocumented) aliens. Considering the 30-plus years that entails, we have averaged about 300,000 paths to citizenship yearly in addition to our annual legal immigration. All of our presidents have added to these figures.

To enter our country either through marriage to a U.S. citizen, sponsored by an immediate family member or a corporate sponsor, they (sponsor) file a form I-130 for the immigrant to receive a long stay visa. Once in country a form 1-485, in addition to many other documents and forms, are filed to adjust status to a permanent resident (green Card holder). Once this is given, they must wait five years, if corporate sponsored or through an immediate family member, to apply for citizenship. If legally married to a U.S. citizen, once permanent residence is granted, they must wait three years to apply for citizenship. If a permanent resident joins our military, because we are in a perpetual war on terror, they are allowed to file for citizenship immediately. There are a multitude of additional categories and intricacies, but the above-mentioned entries are the most common. We now average between 800,000 to 1,000,000 legal entry applicants each year for permanent residency. Our births have averaged about 3,900,000 per year. Our yearly deaths average about 2,500,000. Adding the immigration figures to those of births and deaths, it gives us an annual increase in population of about 2,200,000 to 2,400,000 individuals.

The U.S. is currently the third most populated country in the world with a population of about 326,000,000 people. China is number one with 1,415,000,000 humans. India is a close second with 1,354,000,000 people. The world population sits at about 7,635,000,000 individuals. Our population density is at about 85 individuals per square mile (PSM). China has 373 PSM with India at 943 PSM. In comparison other countries of note are as follows. Russia 21, Sweden 54, Canada 9, Taiwan 1,655, and Puerto Rico (territory) at 1,163.

The latest wedge to be driven between the American citizens dealing with immigration is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Through an executive order, then President Obama, gave about 750,000 young undocumented (illegal) individuals a two-year reprieve from being deported. Although giving them a Social Security number and work permit (91% are employed), the executive order gave no path to citizenship. In September of 2017 President Trump ended DACA with this note. Congress now has 6 months to pass DACA into law with a path to citizenship. Congress, both Republican and Democrat have failed the American people as well as DACA hopefuls. Whether married to a U.S. citizen or with no legal support network, once an individual who has entered illegally or overstayed a visa is apprehended, if they are deported, they must wait either 3 years (in county illegally less than a year) or 10 years (in country illegally over one year) in order to gain readmission. Many of the DACA individuals have gone through our entire education system, to then realize while their classmates are going on to further education and careers, because of their parents’ choices, they have no path to a bright future.

It is time the American people discard their party affiliations and demand that elected officials concentrate on advancing our country. For too long international corporate executives and their minions have controlled the un-elected cabinet positions of every president. A naive population throws up their arms in disbelief as elected members of Congress tell us how complicated the process is while doing little to advance our lives. This brain fogged population is pulled left then right, then up down and around listening to the talking heads of the Tavistock Institute (United Press International (UPI), Associated Press (AP), Federal Reserve, World Bank, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and a host of other Non- Government Agencies (NGO’s) manipulate and control our elected officials.

Term limits for elected officials will do no good because they control nothing of importance. In order to take back our country we need a radical change. Instead of a parade of corporate committee members’ choices for our presidents’ cabinets, we need cabinet members chosen from a group of 50 state elected statesmen (not politicians) to direct our president our House and our Senate members. This Committee of 50 would be elected as one from each state with a two-year term. This would be the driving force of nationalism to advance our country. The president would have to select his cabinet from these state elected individuals.

With a diverse population it is much harder to gain peace and serenity when the Tavistock Institute continues to flood the airwaves and print with stories designed to confuse and divide a diverse population. Radical left, Radical Right, Skin heads, KKK, Muslim Brotherhood, Nation of Islam are groups that reflect views of a very small percentage of Americans. Yet, these are the stories that are plastered into our brains by the Tavistock. In a 2017 study the U.S. was ranked 14th as a country by how happy we were. Step back and be amazed and congratulate yourselves on this accomplishment. With our melting pot of ethnicity and an active organization to mentally fatigue us, we have stayed strong.

I’ve researched the countries ranked the happiest. The one common thread to the top 4 nations is their lack of diversity and relative obscurity in world events. Norway, 94% Norwegian; Demark, 97% Danish; Iceland 93% Norwegian, Irish and Scottish; Switzerland, 93% German, French and Italian. For the United States to stay top 20 in this crazy world is a wonder. As you lay your head to sleep tonight, thank God for blessing us with our birthright and get to know a few people from every group in this great nation. Years ago, I was eight years old and sitting on the couch with my father watching the nightly news. The controversy of the day was blacks from the south moving north to work in construction and the iron mines of northern Minnesota. My father, a miner, stood up turned off the TV and shook his head in disgust. What the F*&^ he intoned, they’ve got to feed their families too! That may have been the day I realized no matter how different our lifestyle, how different our beliefs, how different our background, we are all Americans and what the F*&^, we all want to feed our families!