Hold the Russians accountable

Dan Reinhard


“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”: Albert Einstein

It is now common knowledge after the U.S. Assistant Attorney General Rob Rosenstein stated that the Russians did in fact meddle in the last US presidential election, additionally, further verification was confirmed in an (AP) article in the MDN on Feb. 18 entitled: Trump advisor: Russian meddling “incontrovertible” wherein a subparagraph read: “The indictment charged 13 Russians with running a huge but hidden social media trolling campaign combined with on-the-ground politicking aimed in part at helping Trump defeat his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.”

Those journalists must have more informed sources because I did not hear that in Rosenstein’s official statement from the Mueller investigation.

I am attempting to form a new civic organization called the Super Dupers. Members of the organization must possess one core belief: that they were completely duped by the Russians and therefore chose not to vote for Hillary Clinton. Membership in this organization shall also believe that Facebook and Twitter played a significant role in forming their opinions about the Trump, Sanders and Clinton candidates. Members must also embrace the prospect of demanding a new presidential election since they felt compelled as if under hypnotic trance by the Russian posts and politicking efforts to not vote for Clinton. They must not feel dimwitted as implied by the American media.

The Russians must be held accountable and we must secure our election process – let’s start by ensuring that no government officials are maintaining private servers – on their personal properties.