Advice for the mayor

Wayne Rowe


I will stick my two cents out there. Yes, we probably need to see an equalization of hotels in Minot. However, places like The Vegas or Guest Lodge owned by Mr. Pekovich cannot blame only the number of hotels.

Reviews, are huge and unfortunately the reviews for these two hotels are terrible. Mr. Pekovich, should have seen the “headlines” of bad and acted.

I have been a GM outside of Minot, and will say for any hotel to survive now is all about customer service, and rates. On the other side of the coin, the mayor and city council need to stop playing around with sidewalk building issues and get down to the crux of how to turn the city around.

Mr. Mayor, that doesn’t mean opening more bars, or places to purchase alcohol. Minot, needs something HUGE which brings people to it ….. and soon.

The hospitality industry needs your help and it is now your legacy as mayor that will be tarnished by the number of hotels, restaurants that close.

I could go on, I am sure. But, I will just provide a warning to all citizens: Be prepared, as the city loses taxes because of business’ closing be fully aware that the loss revenue must be found elsewhere.