Tired of political game playing

Dan Reinhard


“There is no education gained from the second kick of a mule”– U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell

He was right about that too. Near 222 years ago, within his beautifully crafted Farewell Address, George Washington scribed several warnings and praises for the citizens of the United States of America. He was correct about entangling alliances and more importantly; the hazards of forming political parties. In his words, (with modern day interruption), he wrote: “I have already intimated (warned) to you the danger of (political) parties in the State, with particular reference to the founding of them on geographical discriminations (differences).”

At that time in 1796, there were two parties: Democratic Republicans led by Thomas Jefferson and the Federalists led by Alexander Hamilton. One party more closely identified with the northern states and the other from the southern states-agriculture and industry were the most salient differences in political and philosophical outlook. Among several other things, I believe those differences also formed the root system for the most destructive tragedies in our history, the American Civil War.

Throughout the years with several changes in titles, we ended up with two prominent parties as well: the Democratic and Republican Parties. The political parties began with varying outlooks in the most basic tenants of: ideology, platforms and opinions, but they have morphed into polar opposites – diametrically opposite as night is from day. Many will argue that is a good thing. But I am having great difficulty accepting all that is happening in recent times.

While it was eminently apparent during the recent Presidential State of the Union Address, gamesmanship has now become the new norm for each party’s affiliation. As to how many times you can jump up and down like a jack-in-the-box to applaud or to remain stoic and stone faced has reached a new level of ludicrousness. I have had enough.

There are many serious issues that directly affect all American citizens and the game is over. Time to get down to business on DACA, border security, health care, our crumbling infrastructure, North Korea, education improvements, our military and…