Require testing for gun owner

Weyburn Johnson


Yesterday, February 14th was another senseless school shooting – the 18th this year. How long will it take for Congress to get their act together?

There is a remedy that in no way will violate the Second Amendment.

I worked in India as a missionary for 18 years and felt safer there than I do now living in the USA. I had no problem owning a gun but before I could own a gun I had to go through a very strict background check. It took three months for one of our Indian pastors to get his permit to own a gun.

We have to go though a process to get a drivers license. Why can’t we go through a similar testing and examination in order to own a gun? It would put an end to owing semi-automatic rifles.

To make it more secure, there could be a fee charged to provide liability insurance of perhaps a million dollars to cover expenses in case there was a shooting.