Repurposed military trucks a good idea

Duane Brekke


I guess I feel blessed I was born without a negative bone in my body. After reading an article in the MDN a couple weeks ago about how the county had purchased used military trucks through surplus property and modified them for snow removal I knew from my time in the military and having driven many military trucks that they are well made.

So, today, I went to the county shop and not only was I impressed, I was extremely impressed. The man in charge had been there some 38 years and his staff of 2 to 3 people were allowed to use their brain power and their collective wisdom to modify these powerful, well built vehicles into great snow removal vehicles.

I say this because my father, who was very handy with welders, cutting torches, and fabricating product out of used product that we are so fortunate to have a staff that is saving us tens of thousands of dollars and producing superior equipment.

As a conservative taxpayer, in the city of Minot and county of Ward, we are getting our money’s worth with this operation.