Our family member was mauled to death by a pitbull

Steve and Jackie Becker


We have lived in Minot for decades. We share our house with an old rescue dog. We understand the “love of dog.”

What does Minot need to make it a safer place for you, your children, or even your dog? What does Minot need to improve the quality of life? Did you answer “more pit bulls” to those questions?

There is an initiative to allow more pit bulls into the City of Minot. Before you consider signing any petition, please be aware of our family’s recent experience.

Last month we had a family member mauled to death by a neighbor’s pit bulls. Emily was just checking the mail box in her front yard. She was only 24 years old.

Let me repeat that. Emily was mauled to death by pit bulls. It was a closed casket funeral. The funeral director is a friend of our brother-in-law. He shared that Emily’s face was mostly made of wax under the veil that was used for the family private viewing.

The people that tried to help Emily were also mauled by the pit bulls. The responding law enforcement officer had to shoot one of the pit bulls to protect himself.

We are still not over the shock and horror. Do you want that type of thing to happen in Minot?

Do you trust the safety of your family to a ‘bad’ pit bull owner?

Do you trust the safety of your family, or even your dog, to a ‘good’ pit bull owner?

Why should we take the risk?

Please join us in thanking the mayor and the members of the Minot City Council that showed good judgment by preserving the existing restrictions on pit bulls.

Any dog can bite. Pit bulls mauled our dear Emily to death last month. Spare your family the shock, the horror and the pain.