Middle-income flood victims deserve a piece of the pie

Monte Reiner


Recently it was announced the Resilience Program was offering up to $60,000 to assist homeowners to stay in Minot. Unfortunately those in the middle were left out again as they had been in some earlier assistance programs. I believe it is time for those whose income levels are somewhat above the guidelines set to be included this time.

The flood of 2011 was devastating and many homes were damaged severely from the basement to the ceiling joists on the main floor. At the time of the flood housing costs were high due to the oil boom and losses were inflated more. In addition the demand for building supplies because of the flood and the oil boom pushed rebuilding costs even higher.

Lower income folks certainly deserve help but have been offered various other assistance programs higher income folks were eliminated from. Middle income citizens have been dealing with financial challenges from this event as much as anyone else. It is not fair for this group of citizens impacted heavily by the flood to be left out again. These people deserve a piece of the pie this time because higher incomes are not that high when you take the cost of living in this region into consideration. This is certainly not an unreasonable request.