How can everyone else be wrong?

Roger Roles


This is in reference to Manda Patterson’s letter to the editor in the Minot Daily News regarding the North Dakota Veterans Home. I have been a resident of the North Dakota Veterans Home for five years. I have 20-20 vision corrected by glasses and average hearing. I don’t recognize the home she described.

If there was mold in her area, she evidently wasn’t doing her job. The home had zero deficiencies in their last two state inspections and VA inspections.

I don’t understand Manda’s vendetta against our beautiful home. If you read between the lines, her complaints were turned down by four agencies. We passed two federal and state inspections with zero deficiencies. How can everyone else be wrong?

It’s unfortunate that a disgruntled former employee used her right to free speech to vent her frustrations. The home has 120-plus residents with all different personalities and walks of life. The majority are happy to call this home. So on behalf of our hard-working staff and happy residents, we take Manda’s remarks about our home as an insult. We gladly invite our fellow veterans to come and visit our beautiful home and make their own decision.