Heitkamp should return every penny of corporate money

Tom Asbridge


We live in a highly divided country today. In my lifetime, the divisions have never been greater and are still growing. Since the early days of our Republic, we have had a two-party political system. Perhaps, it has not been the best idea but it is what we have.

The lines between the real politics have been quite blurred and one of the consequences of that is that both parties have been taken over by special interests and virtually all of those interests are corporate in nature.

Most Americans, left and right, Democrat and Republican lament about the power of money and how it has increased its hold (on) our entire political process. Money is increasingly controlling our elections. Most of us believe that the power of money here is not serving the needs of our country and are in fact, doing great damage.

So why do we, the voters, put up with this? Do you really believe that the person or party that “I” support is not adversely affected and they are doing “good” while the other side is just corrupt and in the pockets of these money interest.

You just can’t have it both ways. Money is the most corrosive element of our politics today. With that said, as a longtime Democrat, I am calling on our U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp, to return every penny of corporate money that she has been given. Give it all back and do it now. Do it publicly and state, in no uncertain terms, that she cannot serve two masters – the people that have elected her and the money interests who want something for their money.

I cannot think of another way to make our country work again that is easier or simpler than that.