Treated like dirt in their own neighborhood

Carla Newgard


You hit it on the nose about burglaries creating tension between neighbors. Our neighbors across the street were broken into in 2009 or 2010. We heard the gun shot with the police coming to our door ensuring we were okay.

That saying the police told me that it was somebody the neighbors knew who broke into their home. Neighbors didn’t address it or anything else. But what makes me mad is yes our house is supposed to be our sanctuary but the neighbors to the west of us have somebody living there with a car that has been shaking our house since Summer 2016.

Police say we can call to be anonymous but my husband did in 2016 and neighbors never talked to us again. Then end of summer 2017 my husband talked to the neighbors across the street about their thoughts about the car. Big mistake. The lady, of the house who we were trying to seek input on their car, in my own yard called me horrible nasty names. Once again the police said we could call the car in anonymously. Nope can’t trust that either.

Nobody wants to deal with this lady because it’s her way or the highway. She may appear one way to the public but is another way to us. Now comes a kicker is that all in 40 years in Green Acres, we are the longest residents who have lived in the 3rd original house of Green Acres. And we get treated like dirt. We don’t want to move and shouldn’t have to. The police should do their job to keep anonymous callers safe in their own homes. On top of that I am 100 percent service connected disability and shouldn’t have to deal with this crap.