Not impressed with Hoeven staff

Vallie D. Needham


I recently visited Senator John Hoeven’s office in Bismarck with some friends about some concerns we had. Instead of feeling as if our voice and opinion mattered, the receptionist argued back and made it clear our concerns weren’t as important as her opinion.

Her behavior was completely unprofessional. If I had argued with customers at my job as she did to us, I probably would have been fired on the spot. I understand we live in a highly polarized environment and there are strong opinions on both sides of the issues, but to go into my senator’s office and get told that I was wrong and that my opinion mattered less than the woman who sat behind the desk was improper and insulting.

Whatever happened to courtesy and being polite? We experienced neither with Senator Hoeven’s staff. I have no way of knowing if she even recorded our comments and if they were even sent to Senator Hoeven. Does he even read what we say, or does he just allow his staff to argue with his constituents when they call or visit his offices?