Napolitano misses the message

Jim Lein


National op-ed writer Andrew Napolitano concluded the year with another of his “What if” columns. Every sentence is a “what if” question– a bit dizzying to read straight through.

This latest effort started out with questions about Jesus and, about half way through, morphed into “What if many folks today have rejected the true God for government-as-god?” He then demonized government for doing what Jesus and his immediate followers asked us to do.

Jesus asked people to pool their resources, even selling their homes if necessary, to meet the needs of the poor. Ouch. But that was the message: the love of money is the root of all evil.

Napolitano never mentioned the main message of Christianity: the law of love and caring for others–and judging not.

And how else can we do that today in a society of over three million people without government involvement–a democratic government, of, by and for the people?

In Jesus’ day, of course, the Jews were ruled by a very undemocratic ruthless Roman government. They did not have the freedoms we have today. And they did their best to help those who were particularly unfortunate.

Yet we today, with our freedoms, seem bent on stripping away supports for those in need. Instead of following Jesus and his apostles, we want to give less to those in need, even if this includes almost all of us in some ways.

Who, for example, has enough saved for end of life care? Even wealthy families have used Medicaid for nursing home expenses. Who can do without Social Security and Medicare? Whose children and unborn can do without necessary nourishment?

The Christian answer to life’s problems is pooling our resources. It is not everyone earning and hoarding as much as they can, as Napolitano and many Republicans seem to favor.