Must be nice having political connections

James Truther


Recently our political leadership in North Dakota has insisted the state is in a “budget crisis” and “hard decisions need to be made” regarding services our tax dollars are used to support. While our political leaders have made the “hard decisions” to cut many services we receive for our tax dollars, these cuts don’t apply to salaries and promotions received by politically-connected bureaucrats.

A perfect example is the ND Human Resources Management Services. The HRMS is an obsolete, redundant organization which serves no valid purpose in our government. HRMS has no control over state agencies and many state agencies have their own HR to which HRMS has no control over. Sounds really useful doesn’t it?

The current “interim director” of HRMS is an unqualified individual who does not have the minimum qualifications necessary to be named the director, thus the need for the term “interim director.” When this position was made vacant, no vacancy was ever posted and no one was allowed to apply; instead, an individual from inside the organization was chosen to take over.

Even though the current “interim director,” Becky Sicble, is not qualified for the position, Ms. Sicble has seen her salary increase from $77,373 to $107,424 (39%) within one year, during the state’s so-called “budget crisis”.

In perspective, an unqualified individual is given a promotion, to which she does not have to apply and does not have to compete with qualified candidates for, and then receives a $30,051 “salary adjustment.” It must be nice having political connections.

Don’t let our political leaders fool you into thinking we have a budget crisis; the whole budget crisis is an excuse for the political class to cut our much-needed services, such as road and infrastructure improvements, and then use our money to reward their political-collected supporters.