Get rid of that damn MAGIC Fund

Nancy Bommelman


My goodness, what a circus this is becoming in the race for Mayor. We don’t know all the people that are running yet. Already we have candidates saying awful, hateful, mean, vindictive things about them.

Why? We have a candidate that wants to increase taxes so high people want to leave the city of Minot. We have a candidate that just won’t be quiet and that is ranting and raving about what they think is going on and don’t know the entire facts. We have another candidate that is stepping up and saying we have an opioid problem in Minot. Which we do! He is the only one that is making sense of this whole thing.

I hear people talking about how one candidate is going to fire people when or if, and I say “IF” they get in. When you are the Mayor you just can’t go around and fire people. There is a process.

I have met and have known numerous people that work in the city. They are hard working people and know what they are doing. If a candidate comes in and fires everybody, which they can’t, who is going to do their job?

One candidate wants to increase taxes again. When is that going to stop? I understand that the city employees want a raise, I get that, and I think they are entitled to a raise, but should our taxes go up every single time that they want a raise? Why not set money aside every year in a fund, so when they want their deserving raise it is there. There’s 8 million dollars sitting in the Magic Fund. Instead of giving business people tax breaks get rid of that damn Magic Fund and use it wisely. Put the money to good use.

If my taxes go up than I want to see progress. I want my money spent on a drug rehab center, not a damn parking ramp that we have to put millions of dollars into that nobody uses.

Wake up Minot, bring your voice to these meetings, make yourself known. If you don’t speak up nothing will happen. I know I will.