DISH TV didn’t get the memo

Mike Connor

Rural Starkweather

It’s hard to believe, but apparently there are some ‘bean counters’ in the corporate world who missed the announcement on the reduction in corporate taxes by the recent congressional bill signed by President Trump!

Most large corporations are celebrating the corporate tax break by giving bonuses, announcing major capital improvements and other actions to continue to grow the economy.

However DISH TV network has just announced a $5 per month increase to bills. “Starting with your next bill, you will see two changes that will result in a $5 monthly increase. The first change is a $3 increase on your core programming package. The second is a $2 increase on your local channels package” DISH announced.

Apparently DISH network was on the verge of financial collapse and even after the impact of reduced federal corporate taxes to their bottom line, DISH is forced to tack on another charge to each and every consumer using their services!

According to Wikipedia, DISH network (as of 11/16) had 13.7 million television subscribers. If my math is accurate that equates to roughly $66 million a month in additional income, give or take a million. I bet the ‘bean counter’ who came up with this idea at the monthly board meeting, got free TV for at least a year!

Wikipedia also reports their corporate offices are in Meridian, Colo. Meridian must be a small town since DISH has to use Englewood, Colorado for corporate mailing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if when President Trump travels around the country to visit corporations that are making good use of the corporate tax reduction he would drop by Meridian and see what’s up with DISH? Or maybe he could just ‘Twitter’ them!