More money for police

Nancy Bommelman


I just got through reading an article on the police department and how they have to hire more officers. Did you know a police officer in Fargo and Bismarck make almost double what they do in Minot? Why is that? The Minot police department is just as worthy for that money and raise as the other officers in the state. This is terrible.

A few people who want to run for mayor after Mr. Barney retires have said they would like to increase taxes. If they are going to increase taxes than lets see it put to good use. Instead of building a new park near broad way or putting 10 million dollars in a parking ramp that isn’t even done yet, and the Lord knows how much more we have to put into that piece of garbage.

Why don’t we put a budget aside and give the officers the raise they deserve and the raise they need.

How many officers have left after they were trained here because they can’t make rent they aren’t getting enough money? GIVE THEM WHAT THEY DESERVE. We are losing good officers because we aren’t paying them enough.

The city of Minot needs to step up and do the right thing. Pretty soon we won’t have enough officers to do a shift. Is that what we want? I know I don’t. When I call for an officer I don’t want to hear the 911 officer say “sorry there’s nobody available.” Think about that.