It’s going to get ugly in D.C.

Steven Moen


What we witnessed in Alabama is just the beginning of the Democrat onslaught for control of Congress in 2018 so they can impeach Trump. As usual the swamp Republicans just sat on their hands and watched it happen.

We can look forward to many sexual misconduct allegations on many if not most Republicans this coming election cycle, as it has proved effective in defeating Roy Moore. The swamp pulled all funding from his campaign and left him blowing in the wind as all the false accusations continued to add up.

There was no call for proof or credible evidence from the swamp just the seriousness of the accusations was enough for them to run and hide. By their cowardness we lost a pro-life, pro-constitution, pro gun Christian as a Senator and are getting an anti-Trump, pro-death, Chuck Schumer puppet, which it seems, is fine for the swamp.

The only question going forward is can they find enough women willing to ruin their lives to make accusations and can they outspend the Republicans 2.2 to 1 to win?

Fasten your seatbelts it’s going to get ugly.