Appalled at city manager’s comments

Larry Bellew


I wish to thank the Minot Daily News for their articles of Dec. 13 and Dec. 16, 2017. I will comment on both.

First, the Dec. 13 article on the City Manager’s first year in Minot. I was appalled at some of his statements like, “I don’t feel like this job is challenging from a skill and capability level.” To me, this is a very arrogant statement. If the job is not challenging enough, why does he stay?

Another statement was, “I would say I was taken aback a little bit when I got here on the city’s financial situation.” The question I have, was our previous City Managers out of touch and incompetent? Our current City Manager’s solution was to grow government and raise our property taxes by over 40 percent.

Second, thank you for your Dec. 16 article on property taxes. I hope it was eye-opening to the citizens of Minot and Ward County. In your article, it is stated that the City of Minot raised property taxes by 4.7 million dollars. My question to the City Council and City Manager is why? I do not buy their excuse of to make up for other revenue losses in other areas. I feel that they should have looked at where government spending could be reduced. They took the easy way out and increased our property taxes.

The article also stated that Ward County raised our property taxes by 1.28 million dollars. However, this figure does not reflect the County Social Services buy down from the state of 3.5 million dollars. This tells me the County Commissioners increased spending by 4.78 million dollars. All this extra spending comes from property taxes.

All told, between the City and County, our property taxes were increased by nearly 9.5 million dollars. Instead of trying to control government spending, our elected officials chose to raise property taxes. I do not know how they can justify this enormous increase in spending and continuing to place the heavy tax burden on the citizens of Minot and Ward County. Thank You!