Veteran served his country and is still serving others one by one

Suzanne Henry


While we were in Minot recently we had lunch at Grizzly’s Grill N Saloon at the mall. The waiter informed us that an older gentleman at the bar would be paying for our lunch. We were surprised and told the waiter that we appreciated the gesture but we would pay for our own lunch.

The waiter then informed me that this gentleman is a regular and he comes in and pays for many meals each time he is there. He also informed us that this older gentleman served in the military. All of a sudden this kind gesture took on a whole new meaning. Here this older gentleman has served his country and he is still serving others with his act of generosity and kindness.

We were not the only folks that received a free meal that day. We thanked him for his generosity, but decided that we wanted to leave a little something else and a thank you for him to keep. We purchased a $50 gift card and wrote a note of thanks. We thanked him for his service and that we truly admired him for continuing to serve others.

After lunch we ran into him in the hallway of the Sleep Inn. We again stopped to thank him and learned that he had served as a Marine in Cuba.