Stop funding the UN

Judy Stahl

Valley City

Is President Trump’s recent announcement to pull out of the UN Paris Climate Treaty genuine? The UN continues to march toward global government via the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and its Agenda 2030’s environmental goals of which the Paris Climate Agreement is only a part.

Pursuing the same agenda under more than one plan at once can placate voters by giving politicians the impression of killing an unpopular proposal but allowing it to continue to be implemented by another branch of bureaucracy. This may be the case with the Paris Climate Treaty.

The Trump administration indicated in its official correspondence a desire to eventually rejoin the climate pact. The US government is NOT withdrawing from the UNFCCC but is committed to continuing US engagement with the UN on climate. Who’s to blame, Trump and his “art of the deal,” or his globalist advisers?

Protecting the environment is certainly a worthy goal but it has been seized by the UN as a fear-inducing excuse to gradually take political control over all human endeavor. (agriculture, commerce, business, industry, population, families, gun control, world court, housing, waters, energy production, and you name it.)

The UN climate agenda is only one of a host of reasons to ask Congress to withhold all funding from the UN. Also Congress must be persuaded to support H.R. 193, The American Sovereignty Restoration Act, which would permanently withdraw the US from the UN-American UN.