Every veteran has a story to tell

Max Zurcher


I admire the foresight, desire and commitment of our veterans who have served our country. Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2017, will be celebrated with a ceremony for all the men and women who have served to protect the freedom of those who couldn’t protect themselves.

Every veteran has their own story to tell. Sometimes it’s very difficult to have that inner strength to tell what happened to them. Also someone who will listen to what they have to say. Our stories and knowledge of the past must be told and retold, or the stories will be forgotten.

Our memory to some family can be worth a thousand words. Many of us marvel at what the young veterans have to say, because their stories are so different than ours. Take a few moments to search your distant past and retell those you love a lifetime of memories.

Denver, Colorado, 2001 was the first reunion of the 5th/60th Infantry. 1st Lt. Lee Alley is the president of our Battalion Reunion. Lee apologizes to us for not looking for us sooner. He said that he had let Hollywood tell him where he would find us – look for the drunks, drug addicts and homeless. Who did I find – doctors, lawyers, farmers and business people.

I found Louis “Tex” Balas who wrote a poem called “The Healing Wall.” This is part of that poem twenty years after the war in Vietnam:

“As I looked at the wall on that cold gray day,

I wondered what these men to us Vets would say.

So I reached and touched the black stone wall and

I heard their ghosts speak from the Heroes Hall”

1st Lt. Lee Alley, Louis Balas and I were all wounded at Fire Base Cudgel, 16 November 1967, fifty (50) years ago.

Thank you for your service and God’s blessings.