Ask Kevin Cramer why

Ron Huff


Over 115,000 North Dakotans rely on Medicare. Yet Congressman Kevin Cramer recently voted for a Republican budget that includes a $453 billion cut to Medicare. The tax reform vote, also just supported by Cramer, will make that real.

This means North Dakotans will lose benefits they’ve already paid for. They’ll have higher co-pays and higher premiums.

Even more alarming is that this isn’t being done to strengthen Medicare or to cut the deficit. It’s being done to provide generous tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest 1% amongst us.

With his vote, Kevin Cramer put the interests of billionaires ahead of what is good for the families of North Dakota who have worked hard to pay for this benefit.

No amount of spin can change these facts. Maybe the congressman will explain why he voted to support the wealthiest Americans over the hard working families of North Dakota.