Time for ND to take charge

Monte Reiner


Although our president ignores most of the pillars of character we strive to introduce to our children and grandchildren when it comes to immigration it is time for our state to step up and take the lead.

Our children see and hear this lack of respect for those outside of his world and this will have a dramatic impact on their thinking about, talking about, and treatment of others.

Because I believe North Dakota can do better than this I will be crafting a letter to Governor Burgum to take charge of this issue locally to develop our immigration policy based on law, respect for immigrants, fairness to immigrants, along with assimilation requirements.

Teddy Roosevelt penned assimilation expectation over 100 years ago declaring we have one flag, the American flag, we have one language, the English language. Know that if you want to be welcome in our country you must accept our values if you want opportunity to succeed here.

It is clear we need immigrants to do so many jobs Americans do not want to do, will not take the initiative to be trained for, or simply do not have a hunger to work. These jobs impact all spectrums from labor to technology to the medical field. Without immigrants agriculture in the Cental Valley of California, high-tech jobs in Silicon Valley California, and doctors and nurses in rural America would deteriorate or collapse.

Too many businesses locally and across our country hire a body and send them to their daily duty. They do nothing to invest in training and education to help them understand their products, their jobs, or how to provide any customer service. Dealing with so many workers in so many fields these days is like a job itself. You are a captured customer and all they want is your wallet.

More products made in America should create more jobs in America. However, my more recent experience is that Made in America ain’t what she used to be as the world shows desire to learn more, has the ambition to work, and implements improvement processes to be at the cutting edge of whatever they do. Made in America is not the best anymore. It is simply a great talking point most folks like to hear without really understanding its current value.

Let us welcome the immigrants and take the lead in respect for those who are different from us as long as they assimilate based on our requirements while we develop processes to assure it succeeds. Immigrants are needed to fill so many gaps in our society. North Dakota needs to set an example for our country as our president lacks the character to count.