Pull the U.S. out of the UN

Duane Stahl

Valley City

Our Constitution asserts that our CREATOR gives us rights – not the Constitution nor the government – so government cannot take rights away.

The UN Declaration says rights are subject to limitations determined by law. (Laws that make women slaves in countries like Saudi Arabia are OK then?) And, do Congressmen who support the Declaration violate their oath to uphold the Constitution?

Our Constitution says only Congress has the power to declare war. One consequence of UN membership is going to war based on UN resolutions – not Congressional declaration. This has resulted in stalemate (Korea), defeat (Vietnam), endless conflict (Iraq and Afghanistan), and unsuccessful participation in other conflicts.

When the Senate voted to join the UN, Senator Bill Langer, ND, said it would have authority “…to send our boys all over the earth.”

The UN was supposedly formed to further peace, which it certainly has not done. And now its tentacles are in education, population, children, women, environment, trade, finance, health, agriculture, labor, military, science, culture, atomic power, narcotics, refugees, ad nauseam.

The UN Charter states it cannot intervene in nations’ domestic matters. However, it has insisted on Puerto Rican independence from the U.S., cancellation of a gold mine in Montana, interference in the execution of a murderer in Virginia, abolishing capital punishment in the U.S., changes in our Border Patrol, sending representatives to monitor our elections, etc. (Imagine North Korean and Chinese overseeing OUR elections!)

Those who support the UN talk about humanitarian work but never mention the raping and pillaging carried out repeatedly by UN “peacekeepers.”

Britain voted withdrawal from the European Union. Let’s do the same with the UN. Urge Congressmen (ND: Kevin Cramer, 602-225-2611) to cosponsor HR 193 to end UN membership. Urge Senators Heitkamp (202-224-2043) and Hoeven (202-224-2551) to sponsor similar legislation.