Please, no Dodd-Frank rollback

Stacey Jay Bendish


Congressman Cramer has joined the bandwagon to roll back what he and many others call unneeded regulations on the banking industry.

Understand that our congressman has worked almost his whole life in the public/political sector. Either running the ND Republican party, taking one for the team and running for state-wide office in the early 90s that he had no chance of winning or serving as a political appointee of the governor. The generation that lived through the depression knew how far to trust bankers and politicians and passed legislation called Glass-Stegall to make sure it never happened again. In 1992, we quit watching and Congress through some very well placed campaign contribution repealed it. We the people didn’t pay attention. Sixteen years later (2008) unregulated bankers and their political cronies destroyed our economy. Safety nets such as unemployment and food stamps prevented a total financial collapse. Congress, intending to prevent another financial catastrophe enacted the Dodd-Frank law

Now the esteemed Kevin Cramer wants to leave North Dakotan vulnerable to the integrity of bankers once again. No! I say, no to repeal, no to Kevin Cramer.